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During the summer months, people look for ways to beat the heat as temperatures increase. For many of us, that means relying heavily on our trusty air conditioning systems to keep our homes comfortable. However, like any complex machinery, air conditioners require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate efficiently and reliably. But how often should you service your AC system, and when is the optimal time to schedule maintenance?

At Fort Collins Heating & Air, we understand the importance of proper AC maintenance in ensuring your system runs smoothly when you need it most. Here’s a guide to help you determine how frequently your AC system should be serviced and why scheduling maintenance during the cooling season is crucial.

How Often Should You Service Your AC System?

Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning system and avoiding costly repairs down the road. While the frequency of service may vary depending on factors such as usage and climate, a general rule of thumb is to schedule AC maintenance at least once a year.

Ideally, scheduling your AC service during the spring, before the peak cooling season begins, is recommended. This allows our technicians to identify and address any potential issues before you start relying heavily on your AC to keep your home comfortable. Plus, it ensures that your system is in top condition when you need it most.

The Optimal Time: 60 Degrees and Cooling Season

While scheduling AC maintenance once a year is essential, the optimal time to do so is when the outdoor temperature hovers around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range provides the perfect conditions for our technicians to thoroughly inspect and tune up your air conditioning system without the risk of discomfort from extreme heat.

Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up

Regular AC maintenance offers numerous advantages that go beyond just keeping your system running smoothly. Here are some key benefits of scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioning system:

  1. Extended Lifespan: Just like regular oil changes prolong the life of your car’s engine, routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your AC system. By addressing minor issues and ensuring all components are in good condition, you can avoid premature wear and tear that could lead to costly repairs or early replacement.
  2. Lower Energy Bills: An inefficient air conditioner can drive up your energy bills, especially during the sweltering summer months when it’s running constantly. During a tune-up, our technicians will clean and lubricate moving parts, check refrigerant levels, and calibrate controls to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency. This not only saves you money on your utility bills but also reduces your environmental footprint.
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can accumulate in your AC system, compromising indoor air quality and exacerbating respiratory issues. Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing air filters, evaporator coils, and condensate drains, which helps keep the air in your home clean and healthy for your family.
  4. Fewer Repairs: No one wants to deal with a broken AC on a sweltering summer day. By catching minor issues early through routine maintenance, you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of emergency repairs. Plus, scheduling maintenance during the offseason ensures that your system is ready to handle the demands of the cooling season without unexpected breakdowns.
  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your AC system has been thoroughly inspected and tuned up by professionals gives you peace of mind during the hottest months of the year. You can relax and enjoy the comfort of your home without worrying about whether your air conditioner will suddenly stop working.

Trust Fort Collins Heating & Air for Your AC Maintenance Needs

At Fort Collins Heating & Air, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch AC maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly year-round. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to identify potential issues and address them before they become major problems.

Don’t wait until the heat becomes unbearable—schedule your AC tune-up today and experience the benefits of a well-maintained air conditioning system. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance services and how we can help you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. With Fort Collins Heating & Air, you can count on reliable service and exceptional results every time.


Professional AC Inspection

Spring is here, and now is the time to schedule your AC maintenance and inspections. Here, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for a professional AC inspection and the benefits of having a regular inspection done.

Reduced Airflow

One sign indicating a need for a professional AC inspection is decreased airflow. If you notice weak or warm air coming from your vents, it may indicate a problem with your AC system.

Possible causes of decreased airflow include clogged air filters, dirty coils, or a malfunctioning blower motor. Scheduling a professional inspection is crucial to identify the problem so you can fix any problems and avoid a breakdown.

Odd Noises

Unusual noises from your AC system also indicate that something may be wrong. Common types of noises include banging, buzzing, or grinding sounds, and their possible causes may range from loose parts to failing compressors.

Ignoring these noises could lead to further damage to your AC system, and scheduling a professional inspection is the most effective way to avoid costly repairs.

Signs of Excessive Moisture

Leaks and moisture around your AC system are other signs that you need a professional inspection. For example, a malfunctioning condenser or evaporator coil may cause leaks, while moisture may indicate a clogged drain line.

These issues can lead to water damage, mold growth, or electrical problems. Again, a professional inspection can help identify the source and prevent further damage to your home and AC system.

Strange Smells

Strong odors from your AC system are not just unpleasant, they could also indicate a problem. Possible causes of unpleasant odors include mold or mildew growth inside your AC system, a dead animal trapped inside your ductwork, or a gas leak.

These issues can pose health risks to you and your family, and scheduling a professional inspection is essential to ensure your AC system is safe and functioning correctly.

Increased Energy Costs

High energy bills can indicate that you need a professional AC inspection. It is important to explore further sudden increases in energy costs and how long your AC system runs. Possible causes of high energy bills include a dirty air filter, a leak, or a malfunctioning thermostat. A professional inspection can help identify the problem while helping you save money over time.

Why a Professional Inspection is Important

Understanding the importance of a professional AC inspection is crucial. Routine inspections can help you decrease your energy cost by identifying and fixing problems before they lead to costly repairs or replacements. They can also enhance air quality and lower the threat of health problems caused by mold or other contaminants inside your AC system.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to identify the signs that indicate a need for a professional AC inspection and schedule one with a certified technician. Regular inspections can help you save money, improve air quality, and ensure your AC system is safe and functioning correctly. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your AC inspection today!


HVAC System Maintenance

Ensuring that your HVAC system works properly is essential as the temperatures rise. Proper HVAC system maintenance ensures longevity, maximizes efficiency, and reduces energy bills. However, neglecting your HVAC system can result in costly repairs, shortened lifespan, and possible health risks.

Here are the most common HVAC issues to watch out for during the spring season, as well as how you can address them to ensure a cool and comfortable spring and summer.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are vital in maintaining good air quality by reducing dust, dirt, and other pollutants. However, air filters can become clogged with debris over time, causing your HVAC system to work harder and reduce efficiency. In addition, clogged air filters can lead to poor air quality and respiratory issues, making it crucial to address the issue promptly.

Dirty air ducts, pets, and poor maintenance are some of the most common causes of clogged air filters. Regularly replacing air filters at least every three months is the easiest way to prevent clogging while maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can severely impact the efficiency of your HVAC system or even cause it to stop working entirely. Refrigerant cools the air in your system. A leak can result in a lack of cool air, increased energy consumption, and potential health hazards.

Wear and tear, poor maintenance, and aging are the most common causes of refrigerant leaks. Therefore, it is essential to address this issue promptly by seeking the services of a professional HVAC technician who can diagnose and repair the leak.

Thermostat Malfunctions

A faulty thermostat can result in your HVAC system working harder than necessary, leading to increased energy consumption and higher bills. It can also negatively impact air quality and reduce overall comfort levels.

The most common causes of thermostat malfunctions are faulty wiring, aging, and poor installation. However, identifying the cause of the issue can be difficult, so seeking professional assistance is highly recommended. Regular maintenance can also help prevent thermostat malfunctions from occurring in the first place.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils play a crucial role in releasing heat from your HVAC system. However, these coils can accumulate dirt over time, decreasing efficiency and increasing energy consumption. Dirty condenser coils can also negatively impact indoor air quality, resulting in respiratory issues.

Poor maintenance, outdoor debris, and weather conditions are the most common causes of dirty condenser coils. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly clean your condenser coils to prevent further damage to your HVAC system.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can cause your HVAC system to stop working and create a fire hazard. Electrical issues can also cause increased energy consumption and poor indoor air quality. Electrical issues typically result from poor installation, faulty wiring, and aging.

Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Some of spring’s most common HVAC issues are clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, thermostat malfunctions, dirty condenser coils, and electrical issues. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues. Contact a professional today to schedule an appointment.


AC Tune

In Colorado, where we have a short cooling season and unpredictable spring weather, scheduling AC tune-ups can be a bit challenging. The demand for tune-ups rises as the heat of summer approaches, making it difficult to get everyone in for maintenance before the scorching temperatures hit. However, it’s still crucial to prioritize having your AC tuned up, even if it means getting it done during the summer months.

Why is an AC tune-up important?

Well, there are several benefits that come with regular maintenance. First and foremost, a tune-up can significantly improve your AC’s efficiency, helping you save on energy bills. By ensuring that your unit is running optimally, it won’t have to work as hard to cool your home, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Another advantage of regular tune-ups is the extended lifespan of your air conditioner. Just like any mechanical system, proper maintenance can help prevent premature wear and tear, increasing the longevity of your AC unit. Investing in annual tune-ups can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or the need for a replacement unit.

Now that we understand the importance of AC tune-ups, the next question arises: When is the best time to have it done? Ideally, the recommended time is in the spring, before the summer heat waves hit. Spring tune-ups give HVAC technicians the opportunity to clean, inspect, and address any potential issues before your AC is put to the test. However, if you reside in a region with mild winters, you have the flexibility to schedule a tune-up at any time of the year.

Finding a reputable AC technician is crucial for a successful tune-up. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right professional:

  • Seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have had positive experiences with AC technicians.

  • Ask for references from the technicians you are considering.

  • Verify that the technician is licensed and insured, ensuring their expertise and protecting you from liability.

  • Check online reviews on platforms like Google to gauge the reputation and customer satisfaction of the technicians you are considering.

  • Once you’ve selected a technician, schedule an appointment for a tune-up as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the cost of a tune-up may vary depending on the size and type of your AC unit. Many AC technicians offer early bird discounts, especially during April and May, so take advantage of these opportunities for additional savings.

During the tune-up, you can also request additional services to maximize your AC’s efficiency. For example, ask your technician to clean your unit’s coils, which helps improve its efficiency and prevents overheating. If you have a programmable thermostat, your technician can set it up to optimize your AC’s performance and energy usage.

By committing to an annual AC tune-up, you ensure that your air conditioning system remains in excellent condition for years to come. Consider joining a maintenance agreement, such as our Ultimate Savings Agreement, which provides even more benefits. With this agreement, you can bundle plumbing and HVAC services together, and become a VIP member, unlocking additional savings.

In conclusion, while the best time for an AC tune-up is in the spring, annual maintenance is the most important factor. Don’t hesitate to schedule your tune-up, regardless of the season, to enjoy improved efficiency, extended lifespan, and reduced chances of costly repairs. Take care of your investment and stay cool and comfortable all summer long!


There are situations when you are well within your rights to see if you can save some extra money on something. Perhaps this may apply to thrifting for lightly used clothes, for example. You may even be able to bargain down the price of some food at the farmer’s market. These are the situations when you want to go for lower pricing.

Air Conditioning

However, there are plenty of situations when pricing that seems wildly cheap is actually a red flag. When it comes to getting reliable and effective air conditioning service in Fort Collins, going for the cheapest option will pretty much always backfire.

We aren’t just saying that to be mean. There are reasons why, when it comes to HVAC services, lower costs don’t really match with high-quality work.

How Does a Cheaper Contractor Keep Costs Low?

If you are looking at an HVAC technician whose prices seem too good to be true, they probably are too good to be true. Even if they are licensed, the difference in price will show up in ways that you may not like, such as:

They won’t have tools or parts on hand to get the job done
: Cheaper cost of service may come at the cost of needing extra time to get the job done. Why? Because your technician has to go get specialty tools that they didn’t have at the start. This lost time adds up and often adds to your bill too.

The initial price only covers half of the job (like an assessment)
: In many cases, a cheaper initial estimate or price is going to only cover part of what needs to get done. For example, you will be covered for an assessment and cleaning but not for the replacement of any small parts or immediate repairs that need to be done.

They nickel and dime in other ways
: All too often a cheap price for service means that the provider is likely to charge you for other things such as suddenly revealing that the price is hourly rather than per job.

What About an Amateur?

Considering going with an unlicensed individual may seem like a great way to save money, but it will end up costing you. For starters, amateurs are more likely to end up damaging your air conditioner, leading to larger repair cots or, worse, a replacement. On top of this, if you don’t have a licensed individual servicing your AC, it can void your warranty, meaning you are responsible for the cost of any major issues that an amateur causes.

In one way or another, a cheap HVAC service provider is likely to end up costing you far more. Sometimes those costs pop up immediately and other times they show up a month down the road but the result is always the same—you spend the same amount or more for poor-quality work.

Yes, professional service can be priced upfront, but it is going to pay off in the long run by helping keep your system working properly, maintaining your warranty, and more.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule any HVAC service you need. Our team provides both quality and affordability with every job.


costs low this summer

Running your AC is an inaugural part of summer, and so are the bills that come with it. Furthermore, it always seems to be that something goes wrong when you really just need that cool air blowing on you.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your air conditioning in Windsor, CO will keep working while ensuring your costs stay low during the summer. Read on to learn how to keep your air conditioning costs low this season so you can stay cool in your home even when the temperatures outside are blazing. Know we’re here to handle any air conditioning work you need.

Utilize Fans

Floor and ceiling fans are an excellent addition to your home cooling arsenal, offering you a reduction in how temps feel by as much as 4 degrees thanks to their wind-chill effect. This means that you will stay cooler for longer without turning your AC unit down by another 4-5 degrees.

Invest in Maintenance

One of the most common problems we see each summer are people turning on their AC unit only to discover it’s not blowing cool air. During the cooler months, your air conditioning unit goes dormant, making it more susceptible to breaking down. By the time you turn it on, the system’s damage has likely become more severe. To prevent this, you should schedule a maintenance visit from an AC professional before the summer starts. You’ll be able to prevent new problems from forming, fix any issues that may be present, and can save money because you’re not booking during the peak season.

Lower Your Thermostat, But Not Too Much

Ideally, you already keep your thermostat at 78 when not at home during the summer. This maneuver saves you roughly 10% on your electric bill each month and keeps your home comfortable. When you get home, lower your unit to a more comfortable temperature, ideally keeping it above 72 to prevent additional strain on your electric bill while keeping your home comfortable.

Close Your Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains are excellent tools for keeping light out of your home, but they also work to prevent excess heat from seeping in. When possible, make sure to close your window treatments to lower the temperature of your home.

Invest in a New Unit

Sometimes a unit simply needs replacement, typically when they’re about a decade old (although, some can last much longer). This can be due to manufacturers no longer producing parts, damage to the unit, or simple old age. New units are more energy-efficient as well as better at cooling down your home, meaning you’ll save money.

Running your air conditioning unit is a hallmark of summer beginning, but it can make your electric bills sky-high. By utilizing fans, investing in unit maintenance, lowering your thermostat, closing window treatments, and investing in a new unit, you can greatly decrease your energy bill costs.

Want to fix your air conditioning in Windsor, Co? Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with our professionals.


AC Installation

If you’re trying to make sure that you’re comfortable this summer, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is your air conditioner. Your air conditioner is the system that’s going to do the heavy lifting when it comes to your cooling this season. If you’re at the point where you’ve realized that you need new air conditioning installation in Loveland, CO, then it’s time to talk to our professionals.

The best part about our team is that we’re comprehensive professionals. We’re here to help you throughout the entire process. We know how to help you choose the right new brand, help you choose between all your different options, and install the new unit as well.

Tips You Should Know

Here are a few things you should know about your air conditioning installation process and a few ways you can make it easier.

The Best Brands

If you’re on the hunt for a new air conditioner, it’s great to consider some of the best brands you can get for yourself.  While the specific things that you might need are going to differ from home to home, the best brands typically are the same. We work alongside brands like Mitsubishi. If you’d like our opinion on the best models, you can always call and consult with our professionals for the work you need. We’re here to help.

The Needs of Your Home

What are the specific needs of your home? Everyone home’s will be different. We want you to consider factors like the following:

  • The size of your home
  • The layout of your home
  • The materials used to build your home
  • The number of windows in your home
  • The level of insulation you have in your home

We’ll help you take note of all the needs of your home, consider it, and find the right air conditioner for you.

How to Improve

It’s important to identify your weak points before an upgrade. A new air conditioner can get you improved service, but it can’t solve all your problems. You need to make sure that you have proper insulation, that you have proper ductwork, and that your home is set up to circulate air properly.

Your Different Options

When it’s time to upgrade, most homeowners opt for an upgraded model of their current system. While this is something you can do, it’s not the only option that you have for your home. Even if you end up going with an updated model of your current system, we do suggest that you consider all your options. You can choose from a central air conditioner, HRV system, ERV system, ductless mini split, or even a heat pump.

A Great Team

The final touch is making sure that you have a great team by your side to perform the work. Having the right air conditioner is important, but you need a great team to make sure that it’s installed properly and it can perform for you as well.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re a company you can trust because we’re big enough to serve but still small enough to care.


high-efficiency air conditioning

The weather is warming up out there. After a day out in the blazing sun, you want to return to a home that feels cool. This is possible as long as you have an air conditioning system that works well for your space. This is why we emphasize having a high-efficiency air conditioning system in Fort Collins, CO.

We understand if this is something that you’re confused about. There is a lot of information to sift through as a consumer. If you’re looking for the right information at your fingertips, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re highly educated and ready to pay this forward. If you have questions then we’re here to provide you with answers today.

What’s a SEER Rating?

The acronym SEER stands for a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and it’s a rating you should know if you’re trying to improve your air conditioning efficiency at home. It’s a measurement set and determined by the Department of Energy in each region. It measures the efficiency that any air conditioning system can have on average throughout a warm-weather season based on conditions inside and outside of the home.

In the modern-day, a “good” SEER rating would be one of 14 or higher. In many places, a SEER rating can’t be below 13. They can go as high as 25. For the average home, you don’t need the highest SEER rating possible, you just need a SEER rating that will further improve your efficiency. We can help you determine what this is.

How Can I Choose the Best High-Efficiency AC System

When determining what SEER rating is right for you, our experts will factor in things like the following:

  • The square footage of your home
  • Build
  • Layout
  • Amount of natural light

If you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out which SEER rating is right for you, we’re going to help you find the one that’s perfect for you. We’re able to do this because we’re well versed in a variety of air conditioning manufacturers. We know how to match you with the right ones and our goal is always to not only sustain, but improve your comfort. Make sure that you speak to us when you’re ready to make an improvement in your home. Our professionals are always available to consult with you.

Why Professional Service Matters

Make sure that you’re matching your great air conditioner with a great team of professionals to match. This is an integral part of any air conditioning acquisition process. Although there are many articles and videos online that promise that they can guide you through the process of installation, we suggest that you have a professional install your air conditioning system.

We’re professionals you can turn to for your air conditioning installation because we’re experienced, trained, and always ready to perform the installation or replacement of your air conditioning system. We have a long-standing reputation in the industry and we’re known for our quality work.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with our professionals. 



Repair Your AC System

Summer is right around the corner. Before you know it the kids will be out of school, the weather will be blazing hot, and it will be time to take that family vacation you’ve been planning. There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming months. This is why it would be terrible to spoil this with the stress of unexpected air conditioning repair in Loveland, CO.

When we talk to homeowners, they tell us that the most stressful part of air conditioning repair need is finding the right team in a flash. This is why we make sure that everyone on our team is trained, licensed, and ready to perform. Your main part in this process is recognizing the signs that you need repair. Let’s get into those reasons below.

Contact a Professional When

These are the signs you should ignore. Get a professional out to your home when you notice any of the following signs:

Unit Blowing Warm Air

The number one sign that you’re having an issue with your home’s air conditioning system is the unit blowing warm air. The is a probably that you should pay special attention to because it’s not always obvious that it’s happening. If you’re noticing that you have to run your air conditioner much more often than you’re used to, that only the coolest temperatures around seem to keep you cool, or that you’re paying more than you’re used to, then it could be a refrigerant problem.

Thermostat Inaccuracy

Is the reading on your home’s thermostat accurate? If you can’t confidently say that it is, then you’re creating trouble for yourself when it comes to you comfort. A thermostat reading that’s even just a little off is going to change your comfort for the worse. This is because just a few degrees difference determines if your air conditioner runs or not. A reading that’s always a little too high means that your system won’t turn on when you ned it most. Don’t deal with this during the entire spring and summer season.


Can you say that you’re comfortable at home? If you can’t, then it might be because of your air conditioner. Unfortunately, your home’s air conditioner can wear down over time. If you’re struggling to get cool for a reasonable price this season, then it’s time to consider repair.

High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills far too high although your system has been maintained? This might be due to an undercurrent issue with your home’s energy bills. This is when you should reach out to one of our professionals for repair work.

Disruptive Operation

Could you describe the way your air conditioner operates as disruptive? Disruptive operation could be a system that runs in short, incomplete cycles that leave you uncomfortable. Disruptive operation can also be an air conditioner that’s incredibly noisy every time you run it. Either scenario is an issue. We’ll solve your issues and get your AC system back on track.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re “big enough to serve, but small enough to care.”


When To Call for AC Repair

When summer arrives, the temperature really begins to put your air conditioner to the test. This is the time of year where you start to realize that your air conditioner is nothing short of essential. It really wouldn’t be easy to get through the hottest of summer days without your air conditioner by your side.

If you’ve started to notice that your air conditioner is acting weird, but you’re not sure if you actually need AC care, then this is the right blog for you. We’re going to help you determine your needs today. We can handle your air conditioning repair in Loveland, CO.

Call After You Notice This

These are the signs that you need to call a professional for air conditioning care.

1.      Warm Air

Have you noticed warm air in your home? This is bad news. You’re going to overwork your system trying to compensate for this issue. Efficiency is what you deserve and repair service can help you get it.

2.      Weird Noises

There are quite a few troubling sounds that you can hear coming from your air conditioner. The problem comes from any air conditioning sound that you hear that’s new, unfamiliar, or too loud. If this is a problem that you’re dealing with it’s also a great idea to get in touch with our team members sooner than later. Don’t let the problem develop into a huge issue.

3.      Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat should always display an accurate temperature in your home. If it doesn’t, then you need to get thermostat services from our professionals.

Another aspect of this is the status of your thermostat. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat, then you’re behind the curve. This isn’t just about keeping up with the Joneses either—it’s about your efficiency. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your system just because you think you’re satisfied with what you have. We promise you there’s better out there.

4.      High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills are rising out of nowhere?

High energy bills are never a good sign if you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. If this summer is typical of how you’d run your air conditioner any other summer, then the problem is bigger than your habits. The beast you’re battling is inefficiency. If you try to brush this problem off, you’re going to notice your air conditioning system performance decrease in quality over time. It’s best to handle the issue now.

5.      Humidity Issues

We have humid summers here in Loveland. This is why humidity issues are important. If you’re noticing an absence of moisture in your home or an excess amount of moisture, then you need to get yourself some air conditioning care.

Even if your humidity issues don’t seem like they’re going to be the end of a comfortable summer, they’re definitely something that indicates a bad omen. Humidity issues are a clear sign that you should get care from a professional.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for your air conditioning repair needs. We’re big enough to serve, but small enough to care.


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