2023 Furnace Giveaway Winner

For years now Fort Collins Heating & Air has put on our annual furnace giveaway. This initiative goes far beyond simply replacing a system; it’s about fostering a sense of community and ensuring our neighbors have a warm and safe winter.

This year, nominations reached an all-time high, highlighting the growing need for reliable heating in our community. One particularly moving story resonated deeply with our team. Patricia V. from Berthoud had been struggling for five years after her solar system failed, leaving her family reliant on an insufficient wood stove. Faced with an unwilling repair market and a harsh winter approaching, Patricia’s situation demanded action.

Even though Patricia lived slightly outside our service area, her circumstances compelled us to help. Seeing the joy and relief wash over her upon receiving the news was a powerful reminder of the impact a simple act of kindness can have. Patricia’s story is just one chapter in this ongoing tradition.

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2022 Furnace Giveaway Winner

Last year’s winner, Dawn B, had a furnace that was 17-years-old and made noises that a heating system should not make. Her nomination caught our eye because she has provided a foster home for 35 teen girls over the years.

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