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There are a number of issues that can lead Round-Thermostat-300x200to a subpar performance with an air conditioning system. Many of these issues are beyond the homeowner’s control, will arise unexpectedly, and will require professional intervention to resolve. In some cases, though, an outdated piece of equipment is simply holding the AC back from its full potential. This is the case if you are using a thermostat that is something of a relic from time past. You’ll need a professional to replace your thermostat in Loveland, CO, but it is a simple upgrade that can have very big benefits.

One word of caution–don’t just find the fanciest, most well-reviewed thermostat that you can online, order it, and then expect your technician to install it for you. You need to know for sure that your thermostat is the right fit for your system, and that your AC is capable of integrating with that control. If you really want to upgrade your thermostat to the newest technology and have an old AC in place, then a full air conditioning replacement may be a better option to consider.

Is My Thermostat Really That Big a Player?

Absolutely, yes. Don’t let this HVAC system component’s size fool you. Diminutive though it may be when compared to, say, your condenser unit, the thermostat that you use in your home is literally the conduit through which you are able to control the system at large. It’s importance is impossible to overstate, and any issues with your thermostat are going to have serious implications for the overall efficiency and performance quality with which your air conditioner operates.

Why Upgrade, Though? My Thermostat Is Working Fine

That may be true, but is “fine” all that you hope for when it comes to your AC system? During the most intense heat of summer, we think that our clients deserve more than “fine.” The first instance in which a thermostat upgrade should be considered is if you find yourself using an old dial or slide thermostat.

These thermostats, such as the round model pictured, are difficult to control accurately. You may not be setting the temperature as precisely as you’d like to, and that can lead to increased cooling costs. Upgrading to a digital thermostat is a small step toward much more accurate temperature settings.

While opting for even the most basic digital thermostat is a good starting point, we strongly urge you to at least consider a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to set cooling–and heating–programs based around your own personal schedule. In doing so, you can keep cooling costs in line without having to come home to an uncomfortably warm living space at the end of the work day.

More advanced models, such as smart thermostats, are definitely worth considering. However, it is vital you hire a professional to ensure your system is compatible with such a thermostat. If so, using a smart thermostat will allow you to control your system remotely, as well as to view energy reports that can help you to make the changes you need to in order to cut energy costs even further.

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As we move further and further into the heating season, more and more homeowners are firing up their heaters in order to take the chill out of the air. However, many homeowners are also hesitant to do so, as they wish to put off paying to heat their homes for as long as possible. What if we told you, though, that is a very simple way in which you can heat your home more conveniently and more efficiently? Or even that the very same course of action can help you to enjoy the same benefits when cooling your home? Well, there is, and it is as simple as upgrading your thermostat in Windsor, COCall Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for more details.

Benefits of Upgrading One’s Thermostat

It is a relatively minor adjustment to your HVAC system, perhaps, but upgrading your thermostat can actually have an enormously beneficial impact on the way in which you both heat and cool your home. Just remember that you must be careful to choose your thermostat wisely, and that you must schedule your thermostat services with a trained professional. When you do so, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Better Comfort: If you have an old, non-programmable thermostat in your home, you probably come home to a less than ideal environment at the end of the work day. When you have a programmable thermostat in place, though, you can ensure that your house is comfortable when you arrive home, without having to maintain that temperature all day long.
  • Improved Convenience: It is true that a programmable thermostat can help you to live in greater comfort, but it can also make your life much more convenient. You won’t have to worry about leaving the house and forgetting to adjust the temperature beforehand any longer. With a smart thermostat, that convenience is boosted even further, as you can control your thermostat remotely from an internet-enabled device.
  • Energy Savings: You should be able to both heat and cool your home with great efficiency. Using a smart thermostat is a step in the right direction. Track energy use and make the tweaks necessary to cut down on the heating and cooling bills that you encounter. Call to discuss available thermostats.

The thermostat that you use to regulate the operation of your HVAC system is one of the most important components of that system. If you hope to heat and cool your home with the greatest efficiency and reliability possible, then it is absolutely necessary that you have a quality thermostat, and it is installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals. Considering the fact that your thermostat is the only means through which you can communicate with your HVAC system, it should be clear any problems with your thermostat in Fort Collins, CO must be resolved promptly. Here are 3 common causes of thermostat issues. Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning if you have any concerns regarding the condition or operational quality of your thermostat.

Poor Placement

It may not sound like a major concern, but it is very important that your thermostat is ideally placed in your home. You don’t want to have it in direct sunlight or next to window and door fixtures, as these environmental conditions could lead to inaccurate temperature readings. We’ll make certain of the fact that your thermostat is installed in an area representative of your home’s true temperature.

Insufficient Maintenance

During routine HVAC maintenance services, your thermostat should be evaluated, calibrated if necessary, and tuned up along with the rest of your system. That being said, it is not the type of component that you’ll likely have maintained on its own. Simply keeping your thermostat free of dirt and dust buildup can really help to boost its overall performance quality. Between HVAC maintenance services, give your thermostat a quick cleaning from time to time.

User Incompatibility

There is no point in purchasing a programmable thermostat if you are going to be fiddling with it, just as you shouldn’t invest in a smart thermostat if you don’t plan on taking the time to learn how to use it properly. It is just as important to have a thermostat which is a good fit for your usage habits as it is to have a high-quality thermostat from the start. We’ll see to it that you do.


We all love freebies; there is no getting around the fact that receiving something, especially something that you really need, free of charge is a great feeling. However, it is generally wise to enter into any such deals with a healthy degree of skepticism. There are certainly great opportunities to be had by thrifty homeowners out there. Often, though, hidden caveats detract from the actual value of the deal at hand. This is our feeling regarding the free thermostat offer from the city that you may have heard about. If you are in the Fort Collins, CO area, consider this information from Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning before taking the city up on this offer.

No one here is contesting that you will get precisely what the offer states should you accept it: a free, internet-enabled thermostat. There are some strings attached, though. As power companies have a difficult time supplying sufficient energy to homes throughout the area during peak times of demand, such as very hot summer afternoons, they look for ways to cut down on demand. One way in which they do so is by adjusting your free thermostat themselves when they are reaching their peak output capacity.

Ultimately, it seems that the utility company is going to be enjoying the most savings as a result of this free thermostat program, rather than their customers taking them up on the offer. Your AC must run at least 10 minutes in order to really hit its stride and run at peak efficiency levels. If your air conditioner is running throughout the day in very hot temperatures, you do not want the utility company cycling it off, reducing the efficiency with which it operates once it gets going again.

If you are serious about cutting down on energy costs, without sacrificing the level of control that you have when cooling your home, then we suggest that you simply schedule routine air conditioning maintenance services with a member of our staff. We can also evaluate your system to ensure that it is of the right size for your home and that its installation was completed properly. A finely tuned, expertly installed AC, paired with a quality thermostat of your choosing, will keep you cool with the efficiency that you deserve. If you have any further questions regarding the AC services that we offer, or about our reluctance to endorse this free thermostat offer, just give a member of the Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning team a call today.


If you live in the city of Fort Collins you probably have received an offer for a free thermostat! Seems pretty cool, it even gives you access through the internet! You might be thinking why would they do this, and what’s the catch?

Well here is the truth. The power companies have a hard time supplying enough power to everyone during peak demand times. This usually happens during really hot afternoons during the summertime when every business and most every home is running air conditioning.   By accepting the thermostat offer you are also agreeing to allow the city to turn off your air conditioner for periods during these times… when you need it most!

If you want a free internet accessible thermostat with strings attached this thermostat may be for you. But if you don’t want someone else adjusting your thermostat or turning it off when you need it, I highly suggest you don’t take this offer.

The thermostat may not work with every type of system either. Call a Heating and Air Conditioning expert or contractor to decide if this is offer is right for you.

Sometimes these offers (like the energy “saver switch” offered in the past by utility companies) give the impression that you will save energy by accepting the offer. Not true. The utility company saves, you do NOT. You see an air conditioner has to run for at least 10 minutes before it reaches its maximum steady state of efficiency. The longer the cycle, the more efficient it will be. So if your AC is properly sized for maximum efficiency it will need to run almost nonstop on days above 91 degrees which is when the utility company will likely want to cycle your AC off on their terms.  If your air conditioner is very oversized and can bring down the temperature quickly in your home than this offer may not be a bad idea for volunteering to help the utility company manage their delivery.

At Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning we recommend that you do NOT choose this method for attempting to save energy. Instead have your Air Conditioner properly tuned and adjusted by having an ultimate tune up performed. Have an evaluation done on your system to see if it is properly sized and designed. Program your thermostat to maintain a comfortable desired temperature starting in the morning, even if you’re not home. This may seem opposite of what you may think but it is cheaper to maintain the lower temperature all day during milder temperatures than to try and achieve it and catch up during the hottest part of the day.


You’ve just finished with your heating installation in Bellvue, CO—now how do you get the best performance from your new heater? We have some tips here that will help your heater live up to its potential without undue wear and tear.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has kept North Colorado warm since 1934. Trust to our experience when you need help with your new heater.

Keep the thermostat set to energy-saving temperatures

Your thermostat may have a very high setting—sometimes 90°F—but you shouldn’t turn it up that high because it will waste energy and force your heating system to work too hard… which will wear it down faster. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests maintaining a temperature of 68°F while you’re awake, and 58°F when you’re asleep. Most people can be comfortable at these temperatures with an extra layer of clothes or an additional blanket.

Expand your heat pump with a hybrid heating system

If you have installed a heat pump, you might consider upgrading it to a hybrid system. Heat pumps can sometimes struggle with extracting sufficient heat from the outdoors when the temperature drops below freezing—a common occurrence in Northern Colorado! However, a hybrid system hooks your heat pump up to a back-up system that uses a different fuel source, such as a propane furnace. This second heater will turn on whenever your heat pump needs help with the cold. It’s a great way to have the benefits of a heat pump without spending too much on additional heating energy, since the back-up system will only come on when necessary.

Schedule regular maintenance on your heating system

Your new heater may seem like it’s invincible, but it isn’t. Don’t wait to start regular heating maintenance for it until it starts to malfunction. Your heater should have a yearly check-up and tune-up from professionals so that it will stay in “like new” condition for many years, and so it will last up to and beyond its manufacturer’s suggested lifespan.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning want you to have the best heating you can get from your newly installed system. Along with the above suggestions, make sure that whenever you detect problems that need repair, you call up professionals to take care of it right away.

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