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We’re deep into the winter season at this point, and there’s no doubt that you’ve been running your heating system regularly for a couple of months, now. That’s not going to change any time soon, though, so don’t think you can start to let your heater slide just because spring is coming up in the distance. There is a lot of ground to cover before we get there, and you don’t want to put your heater’s operation at risk in the meantime.

If you use a forced air heating system, meaning either a heat pump or a furnace, then there is one important maintenance task that you need to handle on your own. It is one that your technician will handle during your routine tune-ups, but one that requires action more than once a year. We’re talking about changing your air filter. It’s the simplest and one of the most effective ways in which to get the best performance possible from your heater in Timnath, CO.


Why Is a Fresh Filter So Important?

Some homeowners think that because the indoor air quality in their homes is not terrible means that their standard heating air filter is doing its job just fine. The problem with this, of course, is that the air filter in your home heating system is not there to improve air quality throughout your house! The purpose of this standard air filter is, in fact, to protect the heating system itself. This filter is not efficient enough to improve air quality throughout your home. This task requires a more efficient, designated air filtration system.

Okay, then what is the problem with a dirty air filter? Well, problems, really! There are quite a few of them, and you may be surprised at just how detrimental a dirty air filter can be. Here’s how a dirty filter in your heater can affect your system, your comfort, and your budget:

  • Increased operating costs. If your filter is very dirty, then your heater is going to have to work harder than it otherwise should in order to heat your home. That drives up heating costs, leaving you with higher energy bills when the time comes to actually pay for the comfort that you deserve in your home.
  • Reduced heating output. You know what’s worse than paying too much for heating your home? Paying too much for too little heating output in return. That’s what you risk when you run your system with a very dirty filter in place, though. Your system will struggle to distribute heat throughout your home effectively, leaving you in less comfort than you deserve.
  • Added strain on the system. When your system works harder than it should have to in order to heat your home, it is going to accrue more wear and tear than it otherwise would. In fact, the added strain on the system may cause it to overheat and short-cycle, which drives up costs and adds even more wear and tear on your heater!

Keep your filter fresh, and contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning with any questions that you may have. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


Picture this–and it shouldn’t be too hard this Woman-Blowing-Nose-300x224time of the year: The temperature outside is soaring, and you have to run your air conditioner pretty much around the clock to stay comfortable. Okay, that’s fine. Your system is tuned up and ready to go. Of course, you also want to ensure that you are using your system efficiently while you live comfortably, so you double check to make sure that all of your windows are closed. This is the problem.

When you seal up your home in order to keep conditioned air inside, you are cutting off your supply of fresh air. Air conditioners dehumidify the air as they run, so sealing up your home to keep your AC bills down can really have a negative affect on your indoor air quality. Using an energy recovery ventilator in Timnath, CO can help you to avoid this issue.

How It Works

An energy recovery ventilator is as ingenious as it is simple in theory. Basically, the device is just a ventilator that also acts as a heat exchanger. It is integrated into your HVAC system, and allows you to use the air exiting your home to pre-condition the fresh air coming in. It also helps to balance humidity between the airstreams.

When you are using your air conditioner to cool the air in your home, it gets stale and dry. When venting this air out of the house, the ERV allows it to absorb heat from the fresh air coming in. This takes some strain off of your air conditioning system.

During the winter, the air outside is obviously very cold. When the ERV allows it into your home, the outgoing warm air preheats it. That means that you are recovering much of the energy that you paid for to heat that outgoing air, while also enjoying improved indoor air quality.

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Commercial property owners in our area commercial ice machineknow that they can turn to our team for great commercial refrigeration services in Timnath, CO. We are now proud to announce that we are also an authorized Manitowoc Dealer. We install and service ice machines and soda machines from this manufacturer, and we are proud to do so. They make some of the finest products on the market, and their dedication to excellence matches our own. It is important to remember, however, that even the best commercial refrigeration equipment on the market can run into trouble from time to time.

If and when you do run into issues with your commercial ice machine, keep the following information in mind. In some cases, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue on your own. In other instances, professional commercial refrigeration services will be necessary. If this is the case, you can always count on our technicians for a job well done.

Problems That You May Encounter

It will probably come as no surprise to hear this, but many of the problems that commonly affect ice machines have to do with the water the system uses. It may also have to do with the delivery system for that water. If water isn’t reaching the machine properly, or if there are issues with water quality, you can expect problems to develop.

  • Water is leaking into the machine. When you scoop ice out of your ice machine, is it a watery mess? If so, you may have a leak that is funneling water directly into the bin. This could happen if there is a leaky valve or loose connection.
  • Are your cubes too small, or of an uneven size? Does it seem like you generally don’t have a full supply of ice at the ready? This could be an issue with low water flow. You could have a blockage in your water line, or a leak somewhere in that line before it reaches the machine.
  • Is your system shutting down frequently or overheating? Where is it stored? If the air surrounding the system is too warm, then you may run into such operational problems. If this is the case, cooling that area or moving the ice machine may be necessary in order to resolve the problem.
  • Is your ice cloudy? Does it have a foul odor or a strange taste? You can try emptying out the system and cleaning the bin if so. However, if this does not resolve the problem, you may have an issue with the water quality on your property. A water treatment system may be needed.
  • Are there flecks or spots of discoloration in the ice? If so, you probably need to be more vigilant in changing the filter of your ice machine. These systems are straightforward in their operation, but they do need some basic maintenance completed regularly.
  • Is your system shutting down before filling the bin? Is it making strange sounds? You could have any number of issues with your compressor, or even a refrigerant leak. Such problems must be diagnosed and resolved by trained professionals.

Let Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning handle all of your ice and soda machine service needs. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


Looking ahead at the weather forecast, you may beTechWithCondensor wondering why we are even mentioning your air conditioning system right now. No, you are not going to need to run your AC in the immediate future. However, it is not going to be much longer before the time comes to put your air conditioner back to work. If you want to ensure that your home cooling system is ready for action when you need it, then you should go ahead and schedule your routine air conditioning maintenance for the season.

It is impossible to overstate just how important it is that you schedule regular air conditioning maintenance in Timnath, CO. Only when your system is thoroughly tuned up by a qualified professional can you expect it to operate at peak performance levels. There is likely more to routine maintenance than you even realize. Count on our technicians to ensure every single step of the process is completed with care.


Why Can’t I Do My Own Maintenance?

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Routine air conditioning maintenance is simply beyond the skill level of even the most avid DIY enthusiast or handyman. There is no way that you can tune up your air conditioner properly on your own, unless you happen to be a professional AC technician by trade.

Now, there are a few very basic maintenance services that you can and should handle on your own. For instance, you should be changing your air filter regularly, typically every 1 to 3 months depending on how quickly it gets dirty. You can also do things like keep your outdoor condenser unit free of debris. There is much more to a full maintenance tune-up than these basic tasks, though. Following is a partial list of what we’ll do during a maintenance visit.

  1. Test and evaluate overall system operation.
  2. Clean/replace filters.
  3. Record operating temperature/pressure.
  4. Record amperage draw.
  5. Clean condenser coil.
  6. Inspect condensate drain pan and line, clean as needed.
  7. Lubricate moving parts.
  8. Check all electrical connections and components.
  9. Check refrigerant levels.

Why Is All of This Necessary?

Because a well-tuned air conditioner is simply going to outperform a poorly maintained air conditioner in every facet of its operation. When a system is routinely tuned-up, that system is going to operate more efficiently than it otherwise would, which saves you money in operating costs. It will also operate more reliably, with a reduced risk of damages and problems developing. In fact, routine maintenance can even extend equipment lifespan.

Ask About Our Energy Savings Agreement

If all of this isn’t already enough to convince you of the merits of routine air conditioning maintenance, you should also consider the fact we offer an Energy Savings Agreement to make things as simple as possible while also offering you further benefits.

As a member of our program, you get discounted rates on repairs, saving 15% should anything go wrong with your system. You will also never pay overtime costs, and you get priority customer status. We guarantee same-day service and will work to accommodate your schedule.

Schedule your AC maintenance with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


When you heat your home—or cool it, for that matter—you want to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Nobody wants to overpay for their comfort. That is why so many homes are constructed so tightly these days.

The problem is that, by sealing up your home extremely tightly, you can actually put your indoor air quality at risk. If your home does not have sufficient insulation, you may be able to cut down on unwanted heat transfer. Your air quality will likely fall as a result, however. An ERV helps you to enjoy both great efficiency and outstanding indoor air quality. 

Recover the Energy You’ve Paid For

Ventilating your home is important if you don’t want the air within to go stale and decline in quality. However, you obviously are not going to throw your windows open in the middle of winter to let the fresh air in. That would waste the energy that you’ve used to heat your home, right?

Well, when you use an energy recovery ventilator in Timnath, CO, you can bring fresh air into your home while recovering the energy that you used to heat it in the first place. The outgoing warm air basically pre-cools the incoming fresh, but cold, air. In the summer, the heat exchange just goes in the opposite direction. The incoming hot air has some of its heat removed by the outgoing cool air.

In the process, the humidity of the air streams is also balanced. This serves to further boost the quality of the air in your home. No longer must you choose between fresh, clean air, comfort, and your budget. ERVs work year round to strike the balance between these factors.

Schedule your indoor air quality services with the professionals at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


When it comes to outstanding energy efficiency when heating a home, geothermal heating is pretty tough to beat. This technology has been around for decades, but there are still a lot of homeowners who don’t fully understand how it works. That’s why we’d like to share some information that will help you to better grasp the ins and outs of geothermal heating.

Before we get to that, we need to remind you that any geothermal heating services in Timnath, CO, absolutely must be completed by trained professionals. These systems are very different from more standard heaters, and not every heating technician will have the knowledge and experience necessary to install and service this type of equipment properly. That is why you should leave such service to our team.

Geothermal Is Not a Free Resource

One major misconception is that geothermal heating is essentially a “free” resource. After all, heat is just pulled from the ground and used to heat the living space, right? If this is your understanding of how geothermal heating works, some further information is definitely necessary.

Yes, existing heat from the ground is used to heat your home when you use a geothermal heating system. However, it is not as simple as absorbing that heat and redistributing it into your home. A geothermal heating system uses a heat pump, and that heat pump exchanges heat with the ground.

A geothermal loop system is buried on your property, and the heat transfer liquid draws heat out of the ground. However, the heat from that liquid is then exchanged with the refrigerant in the heat pump. This refrigerant is then compressed to boost its thermal energy, and then it is used to heat your home. It’s still an efficient manner of heating your home because no fuel is actually burned in order to generate heat from scratch. However, the heat transfer process and the refrigerant cycle do demand that some electricity is used.

If you have any questions about how geothermal heating and cooling works, contact a member of our team. Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning will help you to decide if this is the right system for your home.

Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


When you heat your home using a whole-house heating system, such as a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, your entire house should be comfortable. If this is not the case, then something may well be wrong. It could be an issue with your heater, or even with the house itself. Whatever the case, you need to have the problem resolved so that you can get back to living in the comfort that you deserve.

The Timnath, CO heating professionals on our staff have put together a few potential causes of issues with uneven heating. These will give you an idea of why you may encounter the problem, but you will need to work with a professional to resolve most of the issues. Contact us to do so.


  • Leaky ductwork: One of the most common causes of problems with uneven heating is also one of the most common reasons for inefficient heating: leaky ductwork. If your air ducts are leaking, you are not going to be able to balance temperatures throughout your home successfully. You may wind up with cold spots in those areas serviced by the leaking duct. Worse yet, your system may be forced to work overtime as it attempts to balance out temperatures, particularly if the thermostat is in the effected area. This can lead to a spike in heating costs.
  • Subpar insulation: The insulation in your home is there to prevent unwanted heat transfer. Heat is always going to move toward cooler areas, which in the winter season means the outdoors. If you have an area of your home that is not sufficiently insulated, it will likely feel cooler than those that are.
  • Improper settings: If you have a zone control system for your ducted HVAC system, or if your radiant heating system is zoned, be sure to double check the settings at each thermostat if your house is not comfortable in all spots. You may simply have set a thermostat improperly. Someone may have even bumped up against a thermostat and accidentally altered the settings. This is one problem that you can definitely resolve on your own.

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As modern homeowners, we obviously expect to live in a certain amount of comfort. This means that we must be able to successfully cool our homes with our air conditioners during the summer season. There are few experiences more alarming on a hot summer day than flipping on the AC, only to realize that it is blowing warm air. There are a number of potential reasons as to why this may be the case, and they vary in severity. Whatever the issue may be, though, you can count on our team to complete any necessary air conditioning repairs in Timnath, CO.

  • Low refrigerant levels may be the cause of the problem, and if this is the case you can expect more problems to develop over time. Your air conditioner removes heat from the air in your home to cool it. Refrigerant acts as the heat transfer liquid, and it must evaporate in the evaporator coil in order to draw heat out of the air. If you don’t have enough refrigerant in your system due to leaks or an improper charge, your system will struggle to cool your home effectively.
  • Leaky ducts are another potential cause of the problem. It could be that your air conditioner is actually cooling air just fine, but that hot air is getting into your ductwork through bad seals or tears. Having your air ducts repaired or professionally sealed can resolve the problem.
  • Improper settings can also be the root cause of your problem, and this is by far the best-case-scenario. Before you call our number to schedule AC repairs, do yourself a favor and double check the thermostat. You may have inadvertently put the system in a “fan only” mode, so it is not blowing the cool air you need.

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When you think of keeping your home comfortable and everyone within that space happy throughout the summer season, your mind probably instantly jumps to your air conditioning system. During the hottest time of the year, your air conditioner is going to put in a lot of work in order to keep your house cool, after all. However, you really cannot afford to overlook the importance of your indoor air quality during the summer months, either. Too often, homeowners sacrifice the indoor air quality in the name of efficient cooling. This need not be the case, however, so long as you use an energy recovery ventilator.

What Does an ERV Do, and Why Should I Invest in One?

An ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, is your means by which to bridge the gap between great comfort and great indoor air quality, without draining your budget in the process. The moniker “energy recovery ventilator” is as about as descriptive as possible. An ERV is a ventilator that, through an energy recovery process, helps you to cut down on energy loss during the ventilation process.

When temperatures soar outside, you seal up your home and run your air conditioner. The issue with doing so is that your home really should have some natural ventilation going on. This helps to prevent the AC from drying out the air too much, and just keeps the air in your home fresher. With our modern focus on efficiency, though, we eliminate as much of this ventilation as possible.

An energy recovery ventilator solves the problem. It will vent old, stale air out of your home. This air is cool, and you’ve paid to cool it, though. That is why the ERV will use that cool air to absorb some of the heat of the incoming air, recovering the energy that you paid for to cool the air. In fact, it can do the opposite in the winter, as well, bringing in fresh, cold air and pre-warming it with warm, but stale, outgoing air. ERVs can also balance humidity in the passing streams, further protecting your comfort and indoor air quality.

Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule ERV services in Timnath, CO.


We certainly aren’t sweating it out too much just yet, but rest assured that the hottest time of the year will be upon us soon. If you do not have a great air conditioning system in your home, then there is just no way in which you can hope to make it through the summer season in the comfort that we know you deserve. Should you require an air conditioning replacement this year, or if you want a whole-house cooling system installed in a brand new property, ours is certainly the number to call. One option that we strongly recommend you consider is using a ductless AC in Timnath, CO.

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Cooling?

There are a few ways in which using a ductless mini split may benefit you. Just be sure to schedule your ductless cooling services with professionals that you can count on to do the job right. That way, you can enjoy outstanding benefits such as the following:

  • Improved Efficiency: Air ducts may be the preferred method of air distribution in many homes, but ducted systems are far from perfect. It is possible for air ducts to tear or leak for any number of reasons. When they do, your system is going to have to work harder than it should have to in order to deliver conditioned air throughout your home in an effective and balanced manner. That will reduce efficiency levels, but you won’t have to worry about it when you don’t use air ducts.
  • Better Air Quality: Air leaking out of your system is not the only thing to worry about. You may also have issues with pollutants infiltrating your ductwork if it is leaking, and that can lead to the decimation of your indoor air quality. With ductless mini splits, though, you can help to avoid the distribution of airborne pollutants throughout your home, and the various health and comfort concerns that go along with it.
  • Great Versatility: Because ductless mini splits use heat pump technology, they can also be used to heat one’s home during the winter season. That means that you can enjoy great year-round comfort with the use of just one system. Plus, the heat transfer process allows for truly outstanding energy efficiency when heating.

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