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How to Keep Your AC Costs Low This Summer

costs low this summer

Running your AC is an inaugural part of summer, and so are the bills that come with it. Furthermore, it always seems to be that something goes wrong when you really just need that cool air blowing on you.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your air conditioning in Windsor, CO will keep working while ensuring your costs stay low during the summer. Read on to learn how to keep your air conditioning costs low this season so you can stay cool in your home even when the temperatures outside are blazing. Know we’re here to handle any air conditioning work you need.

Utilize Fans

Floor and ceiling fans are an excellent addition to your home cooling arsenal, offering you a reduction in how temps feel by as much as 4 degrees thanks to their wind-chill effect. This means that you will stay cooler for longer without turning your AC unit down by another 4-5 degrees.

Invest in Maintenance

One of the most common problems we see each summer are people turning on their AC unit only to discover it’s not blowing cool air. During the cooler months, your air conditioning unit goes dormant, making it more susceptible to breaking down. By the time you turn it on, the system’s damage has likely become more severe. To prevent this, you should schedule a maintenance visit from an AC professional before the summer starts. You’ll be able to prevent new problems from forming, fix any issues that may be present, and can save money because you’re not booking during the peak season.

Lower Your Thermostat, But Not Too Much

Ideally, you already keep your thermostat at 78 when not at home during the summer. This maneuver saves you roughly 10% on your electric bill each month and keeps your home comfortable. When you get home, lower your unit to a more comfortable temperature, ideally keeping it above 72 to prevent additional strain on your electric bill while keeping your home comfortable.

Close Your Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains are excellent tools for keeping light out of your home, but they also work to prevent excess heat from seeping in. When possible, make sure to close your window treatments to lower the temperature of your home.

Invest in a New Unit

Sometimes a unit simply needs replacement, typically when they’re about a decade old (although, some can last much longer). This can be due to manufacturers no longer producing parts, damage to the unit, or simple old age. New units are more energy-efficient as well as better at cooling down your home, meaning you’ll save money.

Running your air conditioning unit is a hallmark of summer beginning, but it can make your electric bills sky-high. By utilizing fans, investing in unit maintenance, lowering your thermostat, closing window treatments, and investing in a new unit, you can greatly decrease your energy bill costs.

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