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Radiant Heating Services in Fort Collins, CO

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Forced-air heating like what a furnace provides is one type of comfort. But sometimes it isn’t the comfort you want. Radiant heating systems offer a different type of comfort on cold winter days. Instead of a warm breeze, you get heat closer to that offered by a warm ray of sun. We provide radiant heater services backed by our quality workmanship.

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Radiant heaters are a great source of comfort but only if they are installed and kept up by professionals. We are the pros who have the training and experience necessary to offer the service you need.

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Maintenance for Radiant Heating Systems

If you have a radiant heater you want it to last for as long as possible. Maintenance will help make this possible. Getting a tune-up from our professionals in Fort Collins, CO can remove dirty build-up and address other problems that might otherwise hinder the functionality of your system. Schedule your radiant heating system maintenance service with our team. You can enjoy even more benefits of this service when you sign up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement.

Radiant Heating System Repairs

Radiant heaters may warm your home in a different way than a furnace or heat pump but they are similar in the fact that, at some point or another, they will need repairs. You should reach out for repairs if you notice problems such as:

  • Reduced heating
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Worrying new noises
  • Odd smells during operation

Operating your radiant heating system in a compromised condition only leads to further damages. The sooner your radiant heating system is repaired, the less likely serious and costly repairs will be necessary. Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your repairs.

Radiant Heating Installation & Replacement Services

Radiant heating systems won’t last forever. These heaters see a lot of wear and tear, especially during winter in Fort Collins, CO. When your system gives out and can’t produce any more heat, you shouldn’t waste your money trying to keep it going. Instead, invest in a radiant heater replacement. We can provide replacement services that will heat your home again in no time.

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