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Repiping in Fort Collins, CO

Sometimes, nothing can beat a fresh restart. If your pipes keep springing leaks or if they’re 50 years old or more, maintaining them is going to get costly—and might even be hazardous to your health. In these cases, the best course of action is to start repiping. You can rely on us when your home’s plumbing needs a serious upgrade.

Repiping work can range from replacing a leaky pipe, to replacing all the pipes in a house. No matter whether it’s whole-house repiping or something simpler, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning is the qualified plumber you want working in your home

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Is It Time for Repiping?

When your plumbing springs a leak, we’ll change out the bad pipe for a good one. While this is technically considered repiping, it’s not an indication you need repiping on the scale of the entire home or even just a section. For it to cross into that territory, it can be due to a few things we’ll list below. Keep in mind, of course, not all of these instances necessitate repiping—you’ll want to check with our plumbers to get a thorough inspection to see how far the damage has gone.
  • Hard Water: With enough time and hard water, your pipes could become so full of minerals that a repiping is the best solution. Mineral build up can contribute to clogs, corrosion, and low water pressure. If you don’t have a water softener installed, it’s possible several sections of piping in the home have been compromised.
  • Old Piping: A common reason for repiping on a large scale is due to old pipes. Not just because old things deteriorate—pipes from before the 1970s were made of materials that are no longer deemed appropriate or safe for plumbing. Not only are these pipes prone to corrode and leak faster than other kinds, but pipes like galvanized steel can contain traces of leads.

Best Options for Pipe Replacements

When it comes to the actual repiping, we use the best materials available.
  • Copper: A standard since the 1960s, copper piping is safe, durable, and boasts a long lifespan. They’re versatile, able to work well with hot and cold temperatures and even underground
  • PEX: Piping that’s literally and figuratively flexible. They can be bent around tight corners and they can be connected to older piping, making them great for repiping in older homes.

Repiping will last you nearly a lifetime. Don’t get it done with someone who won’t get the job done right! Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to make an appointment, we’re a company you can trust

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