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Your AC Needs Help If…

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The fact of the matter is that it’s really not always that difficult to notice that you’re having an issue in your home. The difficulty comes when you’re relating the source of the issue back to your air conditioner. This isn’t always so obvious. Our professionals are here to help you connect the dots when you need this.

The hottest months of the year are ahead of us. If you need AC repair in Windsor, CO, then it’s best in invest in this care now. You want to have all the hardest days behind you so that you don’t have to struggle at all this summer. AC care is important and we’re always willing to help you.

A Few Signs That Your AC Is In Bad Shape

Here are a few signs that your air conditioner could use some help.

1.      Warm Air

Are you noticing that you’re running your air conditioner in a way that’s foreign to you? Watch out for troubling signs like this:

  • Running your air conditioner for long periods of time.
  • Choosing thermostat temperatures that get progressively lower.
  • Noticing air that doesn’t feel as cool as it should be coming from your vents.

These are all signs that you have warm air coming from your vents. The best way to get to the bottom of this is by walking up to one of your vents and feeling it out yourself. Warm air is always going to be a detriment to your home efficiency.

2.      Insufficient Airflow

Are you having trouble with your home’s airflow? You’re having trouble if you turn on your air conditioner, wait a second, and then head back over to your thermostat to double-check if your AC is even on. Insufficient airflow is bad news and it’s going to make way for more troubles. We’re prepared to help you get what you need.

3.      Frequent Cycling

Short cycling is when your air conditioner turns on, runs for a little while, stops, and then starts up again.

Frequent cycling is a clear sign that your air conditioning efficiency is on a downswing. Make sure that you note the frequent cycling and get in touch with our team members for what you need. We’re going to help you get your home back on track.

4.      High Humidity

Your air conditioner can do a little bit of humidity control. If you feel like this isn’t applicable to your home, then you need to get your air conditioner back in shape. Your home shouldn’t feel like a swamp. It should always be comfortable.

5.      Odd Sounds

Odd sounds are any sounds that you hear that you’re not used to hearing from your AC. You don’t the sound of your home—the creak your sink makes when it first turns on, the squeak of that floorboard in the foyer, even the subtle sounds of your appliances turning on. When you notice that your air conditioner is starting to make noises that are new, loud, or alarming, you need to make an appointment with a professional.

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