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Get a main sewer line cleaning for only $99.

For a limited time! It’s back by popular demand!

Some Restrictions apply:

  • Must have accessible cleanout outside or inside home. Applies for first 100′ of cable only
  • Difficult access or removal and resetting of toilet will be additional charge.
  • Additional footage of cable needed beyond 100′ will be additional charges.

Offer expires 10/31/2023

Call (970) GET-HEAT to get on the schedule or fill out a form


Save 15% on select HVAC & Plumbing Enhancements.


Choose from:

  • Air Treatment (Whole Home Humidifiers, Duct Cleaning, iWave, Clean Air Filter Upgrade, UV Lights
  • Water Treatment (Whole Home Water Filtration, Point of Use Water Filtration, Water Softeners)
  • Surge Protection (Protect the most expensive appliance in your home from damage, your air conditioner)
  • Smart Thermostats (Save big on heating & cooling costs, monitor temp while you are away, motion detection & room sensors)
  • Household safety (Carbon Monoxide Detector, Water Leak Detection, Freeze Detection)
  • And More (Tankless Water Heater, Instant Under Sink Hot Water, Low Flow Plumbing fixtures, Sump Pumps, Garbage Disposal Upgrade, Water Pressure Reducing Valve, Hot water Recirculator)


Offer Ends September 30, 2023.


Call (970) GET-HEAT for more information.


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The Ultimate Savings Agreement provides preventative maintenance on your heating & cooling systems! With our Maintenance Agreement, you can save more money by bundling Plumbing and HVAC together as well as an opportunity to become a VIP member and save even more.

Features and Benefits of your Ultimate Savings Agreement

• Precision Ultimate Tune-Ups on your Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Systems
• 15% discount on all repairs
• Automatic service reminders
• Hassle-free monthly payment options
• Front of the line service
• Never pay overtime charges
• Extended equipment life and smoother, quieter operation
• Lower energy bills and improved efficiency
• Peace of mind that your family is safe and secure

Save an additional 10% when you bundle plumbing and HVAC service.

Upgrade to a VIP Member for $50 and never pay another dispatch or diagnostic fee plus if plumbing is part of your plan, you get 1 free *secondary drain cleaning per year

*Secondary Drain: Sink, Shower, laundry, floor drain, etc. Must have plumbing maintenance included.


If you already have an agreement and don’t want to make any changes, this requires no action on your part immediately, your existing plan will remain in effect as is. Offer expires 3/20/2025


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