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Why Isn’t My Hot Water Hot Enough?

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Certain parts of your plumbing system see direct interaction every day. Your toilet, your shower, the kitchen sink, etc. The real backbone components of your plumbing system are mostly out of sight, but that doesn’t mean that they should ever be out of mind. Here we’re talking about your water supply pipes, drains, and, yes, your water heater. Just because homeowners don’t regularly interact directly with their water heaters in Loveland, CO, doesn’t mean they should take them for granted.

Too often homeowners do just keep their water heaters out of mind, at least until something really goes wrong with the appliance. Don’t wait for your water heater to break down or spring a leak before giving it some needed TLC! Remember, this water heater is working for you each and every day—those hot showers depend on it, even if you’re not really thinking about it every time you use hot water.

Has the Problem Been Consistent?

Most people can put up with something like cool showers for a while. Some may stubbornly hold out longer than others. However, everyone has their breaking point. So, let’s ask this—are you reading this post because your current water heater has always failed to deliver water that is heated to your liking?

If so, the unfortunate truth is that your water heater may just be undersized for the task at hand. If you’re running the dishwasher while showering, or you’re last in line for the shower when everyone is getting ready in the morning, then the water heater may simply not be replenishing the supply quickly enough. An appropriately-sized water heater, or more strategic use/timing, is the only fix here.

Has Your Water Heater Been Maintained?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard this cliched advice at some point. And you know what?

It’s terrible.

Your water heater is working hard every day, and that means it is incurring a lot of wear and tear. The degradation in operational quality may be gradual, but it is happening. Routine maintenance will help us to keep your system free of sediment, ensure that gas delivery is safe and proper, that your heating elements are functioning correctly, and more. That means better performance with greater peace of mind.

It May Be Time for a Change

Like any other system or appliance in your home, your water heater may simply be ready for retirement. We understand that you want to wring every last drop out of the systems that you pay for, but keep this in mind. The fact that your water heater can be repaired does not mean that your water heater is worth repairing.

We have great plumbers on our staff. They can do great things, and they excel at water heater repairs. If your system is old and unable to keep up with the performance that you need due to overall degradation over the years, a full replacement is really the way to go.

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