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When Should a Furnace Be Replaced?

Furnace Replacement Loveland CO

Is it time to replace your furnace? Know the signs. While the average service life of a furnace is about 15 to 20 years, you’ll need to consider several factors to determine if it’s time for your furnace to go or if it still has a few more years left in it. Let’s tackle them one by one.


If your system is about 15 to 20 years and already showing its age, that’s a good sign that you need to start looking for a furnace replacement in Loveland, CO. With proper installation and maintenance, your next furnace could last just as long as that or even longer.


If you often use the furnace, that could speed up the process. System parts and components will wear down quicker, so that unit may not last for as long as 15 to 20 years.

High Energy Bills

If your energy consumption bills keep skyrocketing and you’ve checked for air leaks and found none, your furnace could be the problem. If it’s been around for about 15 years or longer, that means your unit likely isn’t energy efficient. It’s high time you replaced it if you want to start seeing significant cost-savings in your bills. Many say the difference isn’t huge but if you use your furnace often, you’ll notice the difference. Those cost-savings, no matter how small, all add up at the year’s end, and can lead to tremendous savings.

Uneven Heating

Is your home unevenly heated? For instance, your bedroom is warm, but the floor is icy cold once you step into the kitchen. That’s an example of a home where the heat distribution is uneven. A faulty furnace is often the culprit. If that starts happening, you’ll want to ask pros to fix it. That or you may need to consider buying a new one.

Noisy, Rattling, Humming Furnace

Is your furnace noisy? Do sounds issue from the unit, like rattling noises? You’ll want to have that inspected by a technician. That problem won’t go away on its own so find an expert to fix it. Waiting too long to get that fixed may also be too late. As soon as you recognize the signs and know what they mean, look for a technician.

Frequent Repairs

Repairs are part of routine maintenance. But if you keep spending money on repairs, and they happen nearly one after another, that’s an indication that your furnace is a bucket with a hole. You’re only throwing money out the window with repairs, so buy a new unit instead.


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