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What’s Water Hammer?

water hammer

If we asked you to describe your home’s plumbing in a few words, what would you choose? Efficient, effective, and… loud? The last one isn’t a good one. Your home’s plumbing should be quiet. Yes, there are some noises that you might notice when it’s really quiet in your home early in the morning or even in the middle of the night… you shouldn’t notice much else though.

When it comes to your plumbing in Loveland, CO, you can schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re here to handle that odd thumping noise that’s plaguing your home. Our professionals are helpful above all else. Refer to us when you need high-quality work.

What Is Water Hammer?

First, let’s talk about what water hammer is. The sound of it is a loud banging coming from your home’s pipes. You might hear the sound coming from your walls, in your ceiling, or even in your floors. You might hear this referred to as hydraulic shock if you start talking to HVAC professionals.

This is something that you’re going to notice. Don’t think that you’re experiencing water hammer if you have to ask what you’re hearing. Water hammer is loud, distinctive, and disruptive. We want to help you figure things out. So now, let’s talk about why this is happening…

Why Is This Happening?

Are you wondering why this is happening? Well, it’s caused by an increase in pressure that has nowhere to go when a faucet, valve, or any other water appliance is shut off. The offset of this a loud, disruptive metal pounding noise. There are a few things that might cause this:

  • Loose pipes
  • High water pressure
  • Water in your air chambers
  • A failing appliance

When you hear something, you’re going to need to say something. We meet a lot of homeowners who notice that something is going on pretty early on, but allow it to go on for a while because they think it isn’t dire. We’re going to help you figure out everything that’s going on and fix it fast.

How To Fix It

Now, let’s talk about how you can go about fixing this.

The first step in fixing the water hammer actually doesn’t start with figuring out the source of your trouble. It starts with finding the right team to handle your issues. Try to find a team that’s licensed, trained, and insured in everything plumbing-related. Your plumbing problems aren’t something that you should trust an amateur with. The stakes are high.

The thing about plumbing work is that the wrong plumbing services can turn to water damage in your home. Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to the initial costs of your home’s plumbing work. You’re only going to end up paying much more later on. Trust us. Our professionals can help you find the work that you’re looking for. You can trust our professional team to take care of you.

Big enough to serve, small enough to care. We’re the company you can trust. Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today.


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