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The Dangers of Ignoring Problems with Your Air Conditioner

When we mention the dangers that can come from ignoring air conditioning problems, we thankfully don’t mean “physical dangers.” Where a malfunctioning gas-powered heating system like a furnace or a boiler can create serious hazards, air conditioners are very rarely dangerous when they have repair needs. (There’s a small possibility of electrical shocks and fires from bad wiring, but this is no different than other electrical appliances in your home.)

No, the dangers we want to address here are the dangers to your comfort and budget. When your home’s air conditioner begins to act up, you can’t simply allow the problem to slide because summer and the big heat haven’t arrived yet. Call up a company like Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Windsor, CO the moment you know you have repair issues.

Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to arrange professional air conditioning repair in Windsor, CO. We have 24-hour emergency service available for the most urgent problems.

Things that could go wrong because of neglected repairs:

Loss of cooling power

Even a small problem in an air conditioner, like a fan running at half-speed, will lead to a drop in the cooling power of the system. Maybe you can tolerate this during spring weather, but when summer arrives you’ll be uncomfortable until you can get a technician out to remedy the issue.

Elevated electrical bills

Let’s say you hear odd noises coming from the air conditioner’s cabinet, or strange smells from the vents. Something’s wrong… but you haven’t noticed any change in temperature from the AC, so you let it go. But that apparently “harmless” malfunction is likely costing you extra money. The stress put on the system will make it work harder, and subsequently drain more power. Have repairs done right away so you won’t affect your budget.

The risk of a full breakdown

The longer an air conditioner runs with a malfunction, the worse the malfunction will become, and the additional stress will cause other components to wear down. This puts your AC at risk of a complete breakdown—which will probably happen on the first blazing hot day of the year, when you’ll demand the most work from it. Breakdowns are not only inconvenient, they are expensive to repair. In a worst case scenario, you may have to replace the broken air conditioner—which is the most costly “repair” of all.

You can avoid these situations with prompt, professional air conditioning repair in Windsor, CO. You should also sign up for our maintenance program to tune-up and adjust your AC for the summer. We’ll catch any hidden repair problems early and put you on the right track for a cool summer.


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