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The Advantages of Installing a Dehumidifier

Your air conditioner dehumidifies the air in your home to a certain extent during operation, helping to improve your indoor air quality in Berthoud. But when humidity becomes excessive, your home can feel damp and uncomfortable. How can you improve your overall indoor air quality in Berthoud, especially when it comes to humidity? One great tool is a whole-home dehumidifier, one of the many IAQ products offered by Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

What Are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier?

There are several benefits to installing a whole-home dehumidifier to your air conditioning system:

Decrease in Allergy Symptoms

Dust mites thrive in humid settings, and pollen likes to cling to the moisture in the air, creating a potentially tough environment for allergy sufferers. By removing excess humidity with a dehumidifier, things like dust mites and pollen no longer have an optimal setting in which to irritate an allergy sufferer.

Prevention of Mold Growth

Mold growth can be dangerous, particularly if someone in your home is allergic to it; removing the moisture mold needs to grow via a dehumidifier helps curb its growth in your air conditioning system and home.

Energy Savings

Moisture in the air makes it feel warmer; when this excess water is removed, it feels cooler to your skin, even if you haven’t lowered the temperature on your thermostat. When this effect happens throughout your household, you may be able to run your AC at a higher temperature setting, even when it’s hot outside. Those few degrees can save you money on your monthly utility bill.

Increase in Comfort

When the moisture level in your home is reduced, it feels drier, and as a result, more comfortable. Nothing is worse than feeling clammy, whether it’s in hot or cold air; with a whole-home dehumidifier, you won’t have to worry about feeling that kind of discomfort.

Talk to Us About Improving Your Air Quality

Since 1934, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping customers achieve the comfort they need during hot Colorado summers. Part of achieving full comfort is improving the indoor air quality in your Berthoud, CO home.

Do you think your home could benefit from a dehumidifier? Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


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