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Toilet Flushes

Have you ever been home alone and relaxing when your toilet suddenly flushes for no reason? That isn’t normal. The good news is that the odds of it being a water-wasting poltergeist are low. The bad news is that this is a likely indicator of a leak in your toilet.

Fortunately, we can help you solve this issue. We offer plumbing repair in Fort Collins, CO. This article will help you determine what might be the cause of phantom flushing and how to get it fixed.

Why Does My Toilet Flush on Its Own?

The most common culprit of a flushing toilet is a leak in some part of the system. Essentially, the water drains from the back of the toilet and causes the trigger for the toilet to fill back up. Lose enough water, and it will automatically flush.

The Flapper Needs to Be Replaced

The leak is likely happening in the flapper. These wear out over time or develop a layer of algae that prevents the flapper from sealing tightly. Flappers should be replaced after a couple of years or as they corrode. How often your toilet flushes on its own will tell you the severity of the leak.

There’s a Leak in the Bowl

Another part of the bowl that can cause a leak is the nuts and bolts that connect your toilet. These also corrode over time and can cause water to leak out the back of the bowl, onto the floor, and maybe into the walls. If you notice water residue or build-up around your toilet, turn your water off immediately and call a plumber.

A Leak in the Drain Line

A potentially more serious problem is a leak in the drain line. These may be a bit harder to identify. But, if you notice water around your toilet and some moisture along the drain line, you want to turn off the water supply to the toilet and call a professional.

What to Do

As previously stated, begin by turning off the water and draining the water that’s in the back of the bowl. If you have it handy, check the manufacturer’s instructions to get the proper parts and troubleshoot any issues. If you do not have an instruction manual, then your best bet is to simply start out by coming to a professional plumber.

If you are not able to locate where the leak is happening, then it’s best to give a professional on our team a call. Ignoring a leak or letting it go for too long can cause serious problems. For example, if your toilet is on the second floor, a leak can run into the first floor’s ceiling and cause damage to the walls and flooring.

When in doubt, call our team to get your toilet leak figured out. We know exactly how to figure out what is going wrong and resolve the issue.

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Toilet Repair Loveland CO

Are you wondering if there’s trouble with your toilet that you need to deal with? We understand that there are many things that can go wrong with your toilet system, but it’s not always easy to identify what’s going wrong or where it has gone wrong. This is why we’re here to point out any problems that should become a real cause for concern.

If something is so off base that you need toilet repair in Loveland, CO, then it’s important to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Toilet problems are so bad because they’re unhygienic and often inefficient. You’re going to put your home health at risk and spend more money doing so. We never want this to be the case in your home. Instead, we’d like to help you fix your space and improve your plumbing. 

Problems That You Should Act to Fix

Here are a few problems that you should call a professional plumber for this season.

Your Toilet Refuses to Flush

Are you noticing that your toilet just won’t flush? If the handle isn’t the problem and you’ve already established this, then it means that you need to get in touch with a team of professionals. Calling one of our professionals is the first step you need to take to solve one of these issues. We’re the ones who can make sure that every part of your system is in line and ready to perform for you.

Phantom Flushes

A huge problem that might occur with your toilet is those annoying phantom flushes. If you hear water flowing into your toilet bowl even when your system hasn’t been flushed recently, then you’re definitely dealing with phantom flushes. This is a major sign that your system is not flushing properly. This might be a sign that you have some type of trouble with your flapper or a flapper seat. The only way to make sure that this is the problem and it has a clear solution, then you need to get in touch with a team of professionals. Only a professional can help you fix the problem you’re facing definitely.


One of the worst things that can happen to your home’s toilet is a leak. Your toilet has quite a few seals and each one has the potential to spring a leak somewhere. We want to help you make sure each one of these spaces is tightened and ready to perform. You should only rely on a professional for this work.

Overflowing Water

If you have overflowing water coming from your toilet, then you’ve definitely noticed the issue. Your toilet is filling and won’t stop. This is a sign that there’s a clear clog somewhere in your home. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, you’re going to need this to stop as soon as possible. If you can’t solve the clog on your own, then our professionals will help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

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