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We have still got a lot of sub-freezing Heating__iStock_000002445972_Medium-300x225weather headed our way before this winter season is over. How has your heater fared so far? If you’ve been unimpressed with your aging heater’s performance, if you’re a bit shell-shocked by the cost of heating your home this season, you may be thinking about replacing your heater once the weather finally warms up once more. If this is the case, then we strongly recommend that you consider the use of a hybrid heating system in Fort Collins, CO.

A hybrid heating system is unique in that it actually utilizes two different methods of heating in order to strike a balance between reliability and efficiency. More on that below.

Before we go any further, we do just want to remind you that even the most dependable equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry will falter if not expertly installed, serviced, and maintained. That is why you should leave all of your heating services to our technicians. 

What Does “Hybrid” Heating Mean?

A hybrid heating system is one that uses a heat pump and a secondary system in order to heat a home. Typically, this means a gas furnace is used in conjunction with the heat pump in order to maximize both efficiency and reliability. The systems won’t run at the same time. Instead, the most efficient and effective system for any given scenario will be the one heating the home.

Why Is Hybrid Heating Necessary?

Modern heat pumps are much more effective in extremely cold climates. However, they still have their limitations. Unlike environments such as that in Oregon or Washington, we have extremely cold weather during our winter seasons. Single digits are not at all uncommon during the nights. While a modern heat pump may be able to handle that level of cold, it is likely not going to do so efficiently. If the system winds up having to make up the difference by generating heat with electricity, it will be substantially more expensive to run. That is where the gas furnace comes into play.

When Should I Switch to Gas?

The great thing about a hybrid heating system is that you don’t have to choose which system you run when. For the most part, the heat pump is going to handle the heating of your home. Heat pumps transfer existing heat into the house, which is why they are so incredibly efficient. When the efficiency of the heat pump drops below a certain point, using natural gas to heat the house will make more sense. The system will automatically make this switch for you. Once the heat pump is able to resume its efficient heating, the system will make the switch back over to that heating method.

You Get Cooling, Too!

Because a heat pump does double duty, offering cooling for the summer season as well, a hybrid heating system is all that you’ll need for year-round comfort. This versatility, along with the system’s efficiency and reliability, really make it difficult to contend with. If you’re ready to take advantage of all that hybrid heating has to offer, give us a call.

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We are now late enough into the year that, if you have not scheduled a necessary heating replacement, you really need to get moving. It definitely won’t be long before your heating system is in regular rotation, as you can tell by how much things have cooled down around here already. If you are ready to invest in a new heating system, a hybrid heater is absolutely worth your attention.

Of course, a hybrid heating system will only function as reliably, safely, and efficiently as possible if you schedule your hybrid heating system services in Fort Collins, CO with trained professionals. Call our number to do so. That way, you can reap the full benefits of your new hybrid heating system.

Hybrid Heating: The Best of Both Worlds

Are you familiar with heat pump technology? A heat pump is an HVAC system that allows you to both heat and cool your home with the use of just one system. During the summer, the heat pump works just like a central AC system. In the winter, though, a heat pump reverses its refrigerant cycle. That allows the outdoor coil to function as the evaporator coil, and for the system to evaporate refrigerant in order to absorb heat from the air outside. After compression, this refrigerant’s thermal energy is used to heat air for distribution throughout the house.

This is a very efficient means of heating your home, as you are transferring heat, rather than generating it. The process requires only a small amount of electricity. However, heat pumps can struggle when temperatures are exceptionally cold, especially for longer periods of time. A hybrid heating system pairs the versatility and efficiency of a heat pump with the tried-and-true power and reliability of a furnace. You can use the heat pump to cool your home all summer, and to heat it for most of the winter. When the heat pump starts to struggle, the furnace can automatically take over, so that you are still using minimal energy without compromising your comfort.

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