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Gas or Electric

Ah, yes, the age-old question of which is better—the gas or the electric furnace.  Those of you that followed a link to this post because you’re looking for a simple, clear cut answer to this question may be a bit disappointed in what we have to tell you.  That is that both have their pros and cons. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got a lot more to share with you than that initial response. It’s a more complex question than you may realize.

Let’s first reframe the way that you’re thinking about this question, to begin with. Choosing a new heater of any kind isn’t about choosing the best heater. It’s about choosing the heater that’s best for you. There’s a big difference between the two. Not only will we make sure that you have the right furnace in place for your needs, but we can handle everything from your furnace installation to routine maintenance and furnace repair in Loveland, CO.


Natural Gas Is Typically Preferred

Again, we’re not going to say that natural gas is the “best” option, but it is hard to argue against the benefits of using a natural gas furnace to heat your home—and natural gas as a fuel source in general. Natural gas is quite clean-burning for a fossil fuel, it is piped directly into homes, and can be used for a number of different applications.

There is also the matter of affordability. We’re going to talk about why efficiency ratings can be a bit misleading, and why you shouldn’t necessarily equate them with affordability in terms of operating. Not only does natural gas burn quite efficiently, with modern furnaces really getting a lot of out of the fuel, but the gas itself is quite affordable. So, what about electric models?

Electricity Has Its Own Benefits

Remember, not every home has access to natural gas. That isn’t the only reason one would ever turn to an electric furnace, but it is a major motivator. The use of natural gas necessitates some proximity to a natural gas line, and that’s not a guarantee in every area.

If electricity can do the same thing as natural gas when heating your home, and if it’s already in pretty much every home anyway, why not just choose electricity to start? Well, because it costs more to heat a home with electricity than natural gas. While electric furnaces are incredibly efficient, because they don’t lose heat via flue gases the way that gas furnaces do, the cost of electricity is also considerably higher than natural gas. That’s why it’s possible to have a more efficient system that still costs more to operate.

If you have any questions about any of this, or if you are ready to schedule your furnace repairs, tune-up, or installation with qualified professionals that you can trust to do the job right, just let us know.

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There is no denying the popularity of the furnace in Windsor, CO. Things get cold around here during the heating season, and you really need to know that your heater is going to get the job done. Using a properly sized and professionally installed furnace guarantees it.

That being said, deciding that you want to use a furnace isn’t quite enough. You also need to decide if you want to use a natural gas or an electric furnace. We’ll cover some of the pros and cons for you.

Gas vs. Electricity: Which to Choose?

For most homeowners, the natural gas furnace is the clear winner. Natural gas is a versatile fuel, used in applications for cooking, heating water, and even fueling the clothes dryer, as well as in heating homes. It is also quite clean-burning, for a fossil fuel, and the fact that it is piped directly into the house means no on-site storage or delivery is necessary.

Of course, electricity has a lot of uses as well, and it too eliminates the need for fuel storage and the risk of running out. However, the fact of the matter is that electricity just costs more to purchase than natural gas does. Because electric furnaces don’t lose heat to flue gases, they are actually incredibly efficient. Even so, the purchase price of natural gas makes it the more affordable fuel choice in most every situation.

Some homeowners may not have access to natural gas, however, or just may choose not to pipe this fuel into their homes. If this is the case, electricity is certainly a fine alternative. Whichever furnace you choose, you can count on us to install and service it properly.

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