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No air conditioner is going to last forever. It is generally in your best interest to replace your air conditioning system before that system breaks down entirely, as this allows you to plan on when the work will be completed. After all, your ailing system is most likely to break down during the hottest time of the year, when it is working the hardest.

If your air conditioner has been struggling this summer, or if you are ready to replace it with a new system for efficiency and/or reliability’s sake, consider doing so with a ductless mini split system. Ductless mini splits have a lot to offer homeowners, and are only growing more popular. Read on and let us know if you are thinking about going ductless.


Efficiency, Versatility, And Comfort Are the Keys

Those 3 words can help you to understand the framework of just how a ductless mini split system in Loveland, CO can benefit you. One of the most common causes of subpar energy efficiency is energy loss via duct leaks. While this energy won’t be wasted entirely, as the conditioned air will wind up somewhere within your home, it does make it difficult for your AC to cool your living space evenly and effectively. As such, it will have to work harder than it should in order to do so.

The energy savings don’t stop with the elimination of ductwork from the home cooling equation, though. Because ductless mini splits use heat pump technology, you can actually use the very same system to heat your home than you do to cool it. The system will use existing heat from the air outside in the process, which allows you to heat your home with great energy efficiency.

Plus, you can live more comfortably even as you scale back on energy use. This is due to the fact that the multiple blowers are all controlled with independent thermostats. You can easily maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home, allowing you to both heat and cool your home more thoughtfully.

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This day and age, people have come to expect a certain number of options when it comes to just about any purchase or commitment. The good news is that the modern air conditioning industry has certainly not let consumers down in this regard. There are now more ways in which to cool one’s home than ever before; so many, in fact, that choosing one’s air conditioning system can be difficult.

The professional AC technicians at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning are always happy to help homeowners find the right air conditioning systems for their needs. One option that you are smart to consider is the ductless air conditioner. To learn more about ductless air conditioning or to schedule ductless AC services in Fort Collins, CO, contact a member of our staff today.

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

Ductless air conditioning works quite similarly to traditional split central systems in some ways. An outdoor compressor unit is used, for instance, and refrigerant facilitates the absorption of heat from within the home. However, ductless systems – naturally – do not use air ducts in their operation. Instead, individual, wall mounted blowers are used to distribute conditioned air to the rooms in which they are installed. Each blower is regulated by its own thermostat, and an outdoor unit can typically accommodate up to four of these blower units.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

With the nature of their operation in mind, it should be clear that ductless cooling is not only effective, but can also offer certain homeowners benefits which they cannot pass up. If you wish to cool only certain areas of your home at a time, for instance, the individual blowers that such systems use are hugely beneficial. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about damaged or improperly sealed air ducts leaking air, leaving you to pay higher energy costs for a subpar cooling output. Ductless air conditioning may not be for everyone, but if you suspect that it is the right option for your home, just give us a call for further details or to schedule service.


Ductless mini split systems were originally developed for commercial use, but they have become increasingly common in U.S. homes during the past two decades. Ductless systems work by using a series of blower units that are mounted in rooms throughout a home, each which connects to an outdoor unit through refrigerant and power lines. Instead of sending cooled air from an indoor cabinet into ventilation shafts to distribute conditioned air, a ductless system sends the cooled air directly from the blowers.

There are many benefits of these systems: zone control, cleaner air, space saving.

For more information about ductless cooling in Loveland, CO, call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help you find out if going ductless is your top option for comfort.

The best situations for ductless mini splits

First, there’s almost never a situation where a ductless system is not an option. If you have space to mount the blower units in your home, you can have a ductless mini split installed. However, there are some scenarios where they are particularly excellent choices:

  • New home construction: Going with a ductless mini split means you don’t need to worry about constructing an intricate ventilation network for a new home that includes return vents and numerous branches running through the walls and ceilings. You will not only save room in your new home, but you will have more freedom of choice for designing it since you won’t need to take ductwork into account.
  • Add-on rooms: If you aren’t building a new home but adding onto your current one with a new bedroom, a study, play area, etc., then a ductless mini split can help you avoid problems with your current central AC. You won’t need to replace your current HVAC system with a larger one to accommodate the additional space, nor will you need to rework the ventilation system to connect to the new room. You only have to add a ductless mini split for the new space, and you’re done!
  • Remodeling: During an extensive indoor remodeling job on your house, you can have the old ductwork removed to give you more space, and then install a ductless system to replace it. This is the best opportunity for adding on ductless cooling to a home that has pre-existing ductwork.
  • Old and historic homes: Homes over fifty years old often were not constructed with a central air conditioning system in mind and so that do not have room for ductwork. Instead of using inefficient and inconvenient window units to cool down an older house, you can choose to have a ductless mini split installed. This may be the only option if you live in an historical house and are limited in the amount of remodeling you can do to it.

Even if it turns out that ductless cooling in Loveland, CO for your home is not the ideal choice, the experts at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning can find the right alternate system. We have eight decades of experience keeping homes in Northern Colorado comfortable, no matter the season.


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