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Every year, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning accepts nominations for local families in our community who need a new furnace. There were so many great entries this year, but one stood out above the rest.

The winner of the free furnace is a woman from Wellington who lives on a fixed income because she had broken her back and can’t work. Her daughter-in-law, Sarah P, nominated her. The following is taken from her official entry:

“I would like to nominate my mother-in-law Cecelia R. She is on a fixed income (SSDI) which makes it difficult to make necessary home improvements. Not only is she in need of a new furnace, but she has been living without a central air conditioning unit for at least two years. She watches our two girls for us 4 days a week and we’d love to help give back to her for all that she does for us.”

Free Furnace

We were very excited to be able to help provide Cecelia with comfort in her home. Before we installed the new furnace, she had to bang the old one just to get it going! However, When we heard about her situation, we not only gave her a new furnace, but a new air conditioner as well. It was emotional for all of us. From our family to yours, have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Energy Savings Agreement

There is never a bad time of year to sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement. However, as we transition into the summer heat, it is important to be well-prepared and know that breakdowns do occur (often at the worst times). June and July are the busiest months in the HVAC industry. In July 2018, during one single day, our customer service representatives handled over 5,000 incoming calls! Although it’s a rarity to get so many calls in one day, you can imagine what the demand for HVAC service was during that time period.

What is an Energy Savings Agreement? It is regularly scheduled maintenance on your most frequently used, and maybe the most critical, appliances in your home. By being one of our Energy Savings Agreement customers, in addition to many other benefits, you receive Ultimate Tune-Ups on your heating and cooling equipment from our background and drug screened technicians that will show up to your home in a well-marked company vehicle and uniform. When you are one of our agreement customers, you are working with a locally-owned company that is “Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care.”

There are multiple benefits to our Energy Savings Agreement, but we want to focus on a few that are most beneficial for customers as we head into summer. We aim to provide the best service and offer the best value to all customers year round, but especially to our Energy Savings Agreement customers.

  1. During the heat of the summer, sometimes we are scheduled a week or more out—and when your AC is broken, you want us to fix it as soon as possibleOur Energy Savings Agreement customers are a priority and get front-of-the-line service. There will be no waiting for a week or more for us to service your AC. We will do everything we can to get out to you same day.
  2. Unfortunately, breakdowns tend to occur at inconvenient times, and never when you’re ready for it. Our Energy Savings Agreement customers never pay overtime, so don’t worry if you wake up in the middle of the night to a broken AC. You’ll pay the same rate as if it was a Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Additionally, our Energy Savings Agreement customers never pay a dispatch fee – a savings of $69. When your system isn’t operating properly, we’ll come out to your home at no cost (no matter what time of day or night). Our technicians will diagnose the problem and get your approval before performing any repairs.
  4. Speaking of repairs, our Energy Savings Agreement customers save 15% on all repairs.
  5. If you sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement this spring, you will have an AC Ultimate Tune-Up before it’s time to turn on your AC. An Ultimate Tune-Up is a full check and service of your system to ensure proper operation and maintain peak performance of the unit.

Ensure home comfort for you and your family all year long with an Energy Savings Agreement. To get a quote, contact our Service team today at 970-533-8570.


Take Advantage

If you have visited this blog before, then chances are you’ve seen us talk about the importance of indoor air quality in relation to comfort and overall health. Heating and cooling your home successfully is essential, but doing so should not overshadow the need for maintaining high indoor air quality in your home. One product that can help you to do so is the TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier from Honeywell.

Why Choose the TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier?

Honeywell needs no introduction to homeowners interested in the best products on the market. Their great — and well-earned — reputation aside, there are a lot of reasons to choose the TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier for humidifying your home.

  • Automatic monitoring of home dryness ensures that the system runs only when needed, saving water and preventing oversaturation.
  • Sufficient humidification means lower heating bills.
  • Versatile design makes the TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier appropriate for installation in any home.
  • Enjoy a five-year warranty and professional installation.
  • Easy access to pads allows for simple maintenance on your part.

Schedule your IAQ services in Fort Collins, CO with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.


Magazine publishes

Every year, Inc. Magazine publishes its ranking of the most successful independent small and midsized businesses in America. Previously, companies including Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s, Pandora, and many other juggernauts in their industries gained exposure in these rankings. This year, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning is honored to be among the honorees. We ranked in at #2317, with a three-year sales growth of 157%!

CEO and President of Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning Glenn Frank is “honored that my company has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list.,” adding that he’d “like to thank all my employees and customers for making it possible.”

Glenn Frank founded Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning in 1996, put the business and HVAC knowledge gained from his father and grandfather into a business plan. Glenn’s grandfather began Fort Collins Sheet Metal Company in 1934. With over 80 years of experience, our family-owned and operated business is growing at an all-time high. We are excited to see what the coming years bring to the company, and want to once again thank our loyal customers for making these dreams a reality.

At Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, we are big enough to serve, but small enough to care.


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