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Simple Tips for Protecting Heating Efficiency

Protecting Heating Efficiency

We’re not going to use this post to tell you about all of the incredible, cutting edge, high-efficiency heating systems that we have to offer. I mean, we do have those systems, and you can definitely give us a call if you’re interested in investing in a brand new heater. But this post is not meant to be a sales pitch.

We just want to help you to heat your home more efficiently.

Times are tough for a lot of people right now, and a little bit of improved efficiency can go a long way. And even if you’re finances are doing just fine—why pay more than you should have to for your home comfort? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Follow these tips to keep costs in check and enjoy more affordable heating in Loveland, CO.

Those Ceiling Fans? Use Them! Seriously!

If you have ceiling fans and you’re not using them in the winter, then you’re not using your ceiling fans properly. But before you say “okay” and just pull that chain, stop to make sure your ceiling fans are rotating in the right direction.  If you’re not aware—and it’s not that uncommon—there is a switch on the body of the fan that allows you to switch its directional rotation.

In the winter, you want the ceiling fan to be spinning clockwise. Remember, these fans aren’t actually doing anything to actively cool the air in the summer. They just circulate air, helping you to feel more comfortable. And by reversing their direction in the winter, you can do the same. Hot air rises, so heat can get trapped up at the ceiling in your home. By running your fans in a clockwise direction, you can force that heated air back down into the living space.

That Air Filter? Change It Regularly!

We will change your air filter when we complete your heating tune-up. But that’s a once a year service, right? And once a year is not frequent enough when it comes to changing your air filter. It varies as to how frequently these filters need to be changed. Pets, general cleanliness, and even the outdoor environment can all influence conditions in your home—conditions that will, in turn, influence how frequently you need to change your air filter.

Remember, the purpose of this air filter is not really to protect the indoor air quality throughout your entire home. It is there to protect your HVAC system itself. A dirty air filter creates excessive airflow resistance, boosting energy usage and operating costs. Plus, it can lead to issues that further impede energy efficiency.

Schedule Maintenance

No getting around this one. A properly functioning heater is an efficient heater. And the only way in which to keep your heater in the best operating condition possible is by scheduling routine, professional maintenance. Our maintenance program makes keeping up with routine maintenance easier than ever—and it offers a whole bunch of additional benefits, too!

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