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A Short Cycling AC Is a Big Problem

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When your air conditioner sounds like a pavement grinder as it’s running, or if it is not starting up at all, then you are probably going to recognize that there is a problem right away. That is beneficial, as it allows you to schedule AC repair in Loveland right away. But what about those problems that are not quite so obvious? What about an air conditioner that is short cycling? Are such problems any less deserving of prompt attention?

Absolutely not! Short cycling may not be as clear-cut a problem as the aforementioned issues, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require the same swift response. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, any problem with your air conditioner is only going to get worse over time, meaning that no problem is really “minor.” Additionally, what seems to be a minor “problem” may just be a minor symptom of what is actually a serious problem. That could be the case with short cycling.

Short Cycling? What’s That?

Your air conditioner is not supposed to run non-stop. Few of us have the funds to allow for that. However, it shouldn’t be running in short bursts either, and that is basically what short cycling is. The system will start up, run briefly, then cycle down before a full cooling cycle can be completed. This is problematic for a few different reasons:

  1. It wastes energy. Starting up any system is when that system uses the most energy. By constantly restarting over and over again, a short cycling air conditioner consumes more energy and drives up its operating costs.  You’ll see this reflected in your energy bills. Unfortunately, this is not the only way in which a short cycling AC can wind up negatively affecting your finances.
  2. It increases wear and tear. Again, a system is working harder to get itself going from a cold stop than it is to keep itself running. If your air conditioner has to start again and again, it is going to incur a lot of wear and tear. That results in an increased risk of system damages, and the associated repair costs can really add up.
  3. It affects your comfort. A short cycling air conditioner just isn’t going to provide you with the level of comfort you deserve in your home. It won’t dehumidify the air as well (although keep in mind this is not an AC’s primary function, and a designated dehumidifier should be used if this is a priority) and it won’t cool your home as effectively or consistently.

What Causes Short Cycling?

A number of problems could be the underlying cause of your system’s short cycling, and that’s the point. It could be relatively simple to resolve, or it could pose a serious threat to the system. A dirty air filter may simply need to be replaced to reduce airflow and prevent overheating. That’s a task that you can handle on your own.

You may need a faulty component replaced, however, like a capacitor or even the thermostat. Again, not terribly serious, but the system will continue to suffer until you alert us to the problem and let us service the system. A refrigerant leak could also be the source. In that event, you could destroy the system by doing serious compressor damage if you ignore the problem. So play it safe, and get us on the job ASAP!

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