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How to Improve Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom plumbing

We know that you’re in the spirit of spring cleaning. Once you get your home sparkling and spotless, you might take things a step further and do a little home improvement. Your bathroom is a great place to start with this. Your bathroom isn’t necessarily the sexiest or most exciting space, but it is a space that’s completely vital.

We have the plumbers in Fort Collins, CO that you need. We’re going to walk you through what you need to know about your bathroom plumbing today. We want to help you improve your bathroom plumbing this season.

What You Should Do

Here are a few things you can do this spring to help your bathroom:

Get a Drain Strainer

Drain strainers aren’t just for your kitchen sink! They can be a saving grace in your home’s bathroom too. When you wash your hair in the shower or dye your hair over the sink, there are stray hairs that can make their way down your drain. This is why you should invest in a shower strainer and a strainer for your home’s sink. This will help you avoid clogs, and it will make your home’s bathroom more efficient.

Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks is pretty simple. You just need to take the time to slow down and be observant when you’re in your bathroom. You should couple with being proactive if you do notice problems. Also take note of things like mold, peeling paint, and the sound of running water in your home. These are all things that can happen as a consequence of undetected leaks in your bathroom.

Clean Your Drains

We’re going to talk more about this in our next blog, but you should have your drains cleaned regularly. Winter can be a little hard on your drains. Cold weather tends to exacerbate your home’s plumbing problems. Spring is a great opportunity for you to clean up your home’s drains before the warm weather comes around.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Spring can be the perfect time for you to upgrade your home’s appliances. If you’ve got an old toilet, a sink that doesn’t cut it, or even a showerhead that you’re not in love with, take now as the time to swap it out. You should love everything about your space. Invest in your comfort this spring.

Bonus: Give It a Makeover!

If you want to give your home’s bathroom a little bit of a facelift, you can start with a little temporary tiling. We know that sometimes you want to give your bathroom a different feel. You can do this without a complete overhaul with some temporary flooring. You can put it down yourself over the span of a weekend. It floats right over your bathroom’s current flooring. You can even do this to your backsplash if you have this in your bathroom.

The temporary nature of this gives you freedom. Give yourself the room to pick a funky or colorful pattern and experiment.

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