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The Dos and Don’ts of Your Garbage Disposal

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When it comes to your plumbing, you know that your kitchen is one of the most important places for plumbing services. As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also a place that houses one of your most important plumbing pieces—your garbage disposal unit. If you’re trying to take care of your garbage disposal in Loveland, CO, then you need to start with the dos and don’ts of this system.

When we come out to a home to work on a garbage disposal, we quickly realize that the main issues come from a lack of knowledge. This is why we want to give you an informative crash course in everything garbage disposal today. Here are a few things you should know.

The Dos

Here are a few things that you should do for your home’s garbage disposal.

Trust Professionals

If you ever need service, make sure that you rely on a team of professionals. We’re the only ones who have the expertise necessary to work on your system.

Keep Your System Clean

A clean system is a system that has a better shot of performing at its best. Make sure you’re washing out your sink after doing the dishes and keeping things pristine.

Use It!

There are many things that should never make your way down your garbage disposal, but we don’t want to get you to a point where you’re afraid to use your system. Use your garbage disposal, just make sure you’re using it responsibly.

The Don’ts

The don’ts are going to exist mostly around your home’s garbage disposal care. There are a few things you should never let make their way down your kitchen sink. Here are some:


F.O.G. (fat, oil, and grease) are the villains in the garbage disposal world. These substances might not seem like they should be such a big deal to the average person, but they’re such a problem because they create a sludge that’s easy for other substances to get trapped in. Once this is stuck in your drain, it’s going to become an issue for everything else going down your system.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds pose the same issue as F.O.G. If you’re pouring coffee grounds down your drain, you’re likely causing yourself unnecessary issues at home. Make sure your coffee grounds make their way into your trash rather than down your sink to save yourself a headache.


Once you’re done enjoying a meal, make sure that the bones leftover find their way into your trashcan. We know that certain waste like this doesn’t always make a home smell great, but it’s easier to empty your trash more often than to repair your garbage disposal.

Fibrous Vegetables

Celery, onion skin, and any other fibrous vegetables are going to be an issue for your garbage disposal. Make sure this doesn’t pose a threat to your home.

Too Much at Once

Don’t get ahead of yourself! If you’re putting too much down your drain at once, it can cause trouble with your home’s garbage disposal system. Take things slowly to give your garbage disposal the time and space it needs to work.

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