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5 Potential Furnace Problems

5 Potential Furnace Problems

Ideally, you’d never have to worry about the need for furnace repair in Windsor, CO. Realistically?

You’re going to need furnace repairs at some point.

The best thing that you can do for your furnace is to schedule your professional furnace repairs at the very first sign of trouble. What does furnace trouble look like?  Or smell like? Or sound like? Or feel like?

As you can guess from our phrasing, furnace problems can present themselves in a variety of ways. Here are a number of common issues that you should be aware of, so that you can act fast.


#1. Your Furnace Shuts Down Too Soon

This is called short cycling, and it can happen with any system. In the case of a furnace, it may be the result of any number of problems. Some are simple to resolve. A very dirty air filter could be to blame, for instance. Airflow is restricted, and the system can overheat and cycle down.

However, you could also have a faulty thermocouple that is shutting the system down too early. Or, that thermocouple could be working just fine, shutting down the system because safe combustion temperatures aren’t achieved. We’ll figure out precisely what the problem is.

#2. Your Furnace Heats Unevenly

If your furnace has always failed to heat your home evenly, it is possible that it is just too small. It isn’t able to generate enough heat to reach every corner of the house. That would require a professional replacement or some very creative zoning to resolve.

However, if the problem is new, you may have issues with leaky ductwork. Professional duct sealing is what you’d need to resolve that problem, as it is not an issue that you can resolve on your own. Drop the duct tape and pick up the phone!

#3. Your Furnace Makes Strange Sounds

Just because your furnace is heating your home doesn’t mean that it is doing the job properly. If you hear screeching or grinding sounds coming from your furnace, you need to let us know right away. Yes, even if your home is warm and comfy.

When you ignore such signs of trouble, you wind up giving problems the time they need to cause major damage. A loose component or bent fan blades made not be a major issue at the start, but over time can do serious damage.

#4. Your Furnace Smells Like Burning

When you fire up your furnace, you may smell burning at first—particularly if it’s been a while since you’ve used it. If that odor goes away quickly, it’s probably just dust burning off.

If the odor persists, though, or has a plastic tinge to it, contact us ASAP. Wiring issues and other problems could be to blame, and these problems can be dangerous.

#5. Your Furnace Costs too Much to Run!

This one is frustrating, but has a simple solution—routine maintenance! Pretty much any operational problem will cause a drop in efficiency. But routine maintenance keeps your system in prime working condition, and that keeps operating costs in check.

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