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Day: November 22, 2021

How to Help Your Heater This Winter

Now that it’s really getting cold out, it’s important for you to know how to care for your home’s heater. This probably isn’t something that you think about too often and we understand why. There are many things to consider during this time of year. There are holiday get-togethers to plan, gifts to buy, and many people to see. We understand how heating issues can get lost in the shuffle. We want to do our best to bring them back to the forefront today though.

There are some easy things you can do to maintain your HVAC in Loveland, CO. If you want to improve your heating this winter, then we suggest that you start with these tips. If you ever need more in-depth service for your heater, then we’re the team who can help you with this. 

Simple Ways to Help your Heater

Here are a few tips you can try out this winter that are sure to help your heating services.

Always Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

It’s important that you schedule a maintenance appointment every single fall. If you don’t, it’s only going to create opportunities for your heater to fail you. This is why we suggest that you have this service performed every single winter. Maintenance is what’s going to build your system up and help you have efficient and cost effective service for the entire season. If you’re interested in scheduling a maintenance appointment for your home, then we suggest that you take the extra step and enroll yourself in our maintenance program.

Swap Out Your Filter

It’s important to swap out your heater’s filter at the start of each new season. Make sure you do it on a routine basis. It’s the easiest way to make sure that the service you’re getting is as efficient and as effective as possible. A bad filter is going to make your heater work much harder for the same result. You’re also going to pay more for inefficient operation. Swapping out your filter is a simple thing you can do to get your heater in great shape.

Choose Appropriate Temperatures

The next thing you should do is make sure that you’re choosing an appropriate temperature. Sometimes, the temperatures that you choose are inappropriate. You don’t want to choose a temperature that’s too high. We know that it might sound like we’re asking you to do something counterintuitive, but it’s always best to have a little patience with your system. A high temperature isn’t going to make your home heat up faster. You’re likely to end up overworking your system for no reason.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

If your home doesn’t seem to be efficient, it might actually be your home’s thermostat. Upgrading to a new thermostat can be the best thing to do for your system. We suggest smart and Wi-Fi thermostats. We understand that you might think you’re getting by with a digital thermostat, but we can assure you that an upgrade would do your home well. You can talk to us for tips about modes to upgrade to.

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