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March 30, 2020

You Flush

One issue that few of us saw coming as the world deals with a viral outbreak is a lack of toilet paper. Lo and behold, though, toilet paper has become something of a commodity in certain areas. We hope that you’ve got everything that you and your family need stocked up and at your disposal. If, however, you do find yourself running out of toilet paper, think twice before you try and flush an alternative down your toilet!

Our plumbers are very skilled at removing clogs and getting toilets flushing again, and we will certainly be there for you should you need us. Right now, we understand that a plumbing problem is probably not something you really want to be thinking about, though. Prevention is key if you want to avoid plumbing issues, so we’ve got a few tips to help you keep your bathroom plumbing in Loveland, CO, as reliable as possible.

Hey, Paper Is Paper, Right?

Are paper towels and toilet paper very similar in terms of what they’re composed of? Sure. Does that mean that you can flush paper towels down the toilet the same way that you flush toilet paper? Absolutely not!

Remember, just because something can be flushed down the toilet does not mean that it is going to make it all the way through your drain and sewer system. Paper towels may be paper, but they are not designed to break down easily the way that toilet paper is.

Facial tissue might be a little better, and you may be able to get by with it if you’re flushing very small amounts very frequently. Really, though, your best bet is to throw this stuff in the trash can when you’re done with it if you have no other choice but to use it in the bathroom. Is that as convenient as flushing it? No. Is taking the trash out very frequently more convenient than dealing with serious clogs? Absolutely.

Don’t Be Fooled by “Flushable” Claims

Again, there is a difference between “flushable” and something that is actually going to get through your system with no issues. Perfect example? Flushable wipes. If you have wipes in your home and you don’t have toilet paper, then you’re not too bad off. However, again, those wipes should be going in the trash, not down the toilet.

Baby wipes are a great option for hygiene, but they just don’t break down the way that paper products do. That goes for pretty much anything claiming to be “flushable” that is not toilet paper. Trust us, we get called out to plenty of service calls where pipes are clogged due to flushing “flushable” products. Better to play it safe than sorry here.

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This is a trying time. It is a confusing time. You don’t need any other stress on your plate right now. When you choose to work with our plumbers, you won’t be adding any.

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