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March 16, 2020

Gas Piping Safely

If you use natural gas in your home, you don’t need us telling you how great a resource it is. It is piped directly into your home, eliminating the need for fuel deliveries or for storing fuel. It is a largely domestic product, so you don’t have to worry about volatile markets and the pricing spikes that come with them quite as much. Plus, it is just so versatile! Homeowners use natural gas for everything from heating their homes to fueling their water heaters, ovens and ranges, and even their clothes dryers.

Like most any other fuel source, however, natural gas can be dangerous if not used and/or delivered throughout your home properly. That is where the necessity for professional gas piping services comes into play. You can’t do better than working with our plumbers in Loveland, CO. We aim for your 100% satisfaction with every job that we do, and your safety is even more important! Let us help you use gas safely.

Natural Gas Is Combustible, and Leaks Are a Serious Problem

Obviously, natural gas is a combustible fuel, and fires or explosions are possible when this gas is ignited. That’s a good thing in a controlled environment, of course. It’s how a gas furnace is able to generate heat and how your oven is able to cook that nutritious dinner for your family. When natural gas leaks develop, though, things get very dangerous very quickly. That is why it is so important that your natural gas appliances and piping are installed and serviced by trained professionals.

When you hire us to install your gas piping, everything is done with the utmost care and local codes are satisfied. Again, your safety is among our most serious priorities. By no means should you avoid natural gas because it’s dangerous. Pretty much any fuel is dangerous is if you’re not able to use it properly in your home.

Natural Gas Leaks: How to Spot Them

If you’ve ever smelled natural gas, then you know that its odor is actually pretty hard to ignore. Simply put—it stinks! What you may not realize is that this sulfuric stench is actually very deliberate. Natural gas, in fact, is odorless in its most natural state.

That smelly, rotten egg odor is the result of an additive put into the gas. And why would something so gross smelling be added to natural gas? To keep you safe! Again, you’d have trouble ignoring this odor if you smelled it in your home, and that is the entire point. If you smell this eggy odor in your house, exit the premises and contact the appropriate utility/service immediately.

You should also take note of this odor outside your home. Natural gas is piped in from a main gas line, and you may develop a leak in your main delivery line. You may notice that vegetation is dying off in the proximity of your gas line, too. That’s a strong indicator that you may have a gas leak on your hands.

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